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Oofos slides were founded about eight years ago, and since then, it is providing support and benefits to people with foot problems. It is a type of recovery footwear. Most medical professionals recommend wearing Oofos slides instead of flip-flops for the betterment of your feet. These pairs of footwear are designed and developed with quality material offering comfort and support that makes your feet better. They are made with shock-absorbent materials, which absorb around 37% in every stride you take. 

The Oofos Slide is made from premium quality materials, which makes them long-lasting and durable. They are super comfy and soft and make the wearer feel comfortable while walking and standing. 

How often should you replace Oofos Slide?

There are many different things associated with footwear recovery, and Oofos Slides is one of the best footwear to wear post-injury or operation. They can make these additional changes in your daily life to make it more comfortable. Every pair of comfortable footwear is specifically designed with impact-absorb technology that makes you prevent shock. The soles in such recovery footwears have grooves underneath. When the footwear starts to wear down, the grooves become less prominent and embossed. Fading of the grooves is a good indicator of wear down of the Oofos footwear. 

Another important replacing sign can be the soft cushion the Oofos has on the footbed. When the soft cushion loses its softness, then the time of replacing the footwear is right. Thus, the wearer should pay great attention to the sole, and when it looks and feels uncomfortable it’s time to replace the slides. The slides become slippery and lose the friction a bit when they start to get old. Your Oofos begin to wear down more quickly if you wear them every day. The wearing down of anything depends on its usage. Therefore, there is no specified time to replace the slides. You can replace them when you see any of the replacement indicators. 

Tips for buying the perfect Oofos

  • Fit: With numerous patterns available in the market, it becomes quite daunting to find the perfect pair of recovery footwear. You can consider the one that fits perfectly and feels comfortable. Besides, you can check if the arch fits comfortably and is supportive. Many shoes are made from low-quality and hard materials making your feet uncomfortable and in a rigid position. 
  • Style: Oofos Slides comes in numerous sizes and styles, from thong to slip-on style. Each style is designed to serve different purposes. For instance, If you are looking for a shoe that provides better support, you should buy thong-style Oofos. 
  • Quality: The most important deciding factor to consider when buying anything is quality. It is the measure that decides the value of a product. The price of the product should match its material according to a buyer’s eye. Therefore, you should check the quality of material your Oofos is made from, for longevity and durability. 

Appropriate footwear for injuries and pain 

Oofos slides are a type of footwear which are used post-injuries and surgeries. People who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, and bone and spurs arthritis can get great comfort and support wearing this recovery footwear. Oofos slides are known as recovery footwear for the fact that they are the perfect footwear for people with past injuries and pain. Athletes or non-athletes people from almost all backgrounds have loved Oofos a lot. Moreover, some efforts have claimed that wearing slides helps to reduce the impact on their body and make their feet feel free and comfortable. People dealing with various injuries and foot-related issues have felt relieved in their pain after using this footwear. 

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