What You Need to Know About Bachelors in Business Administration

bachelors in business administration

A bachelors in business administration (BBA) degree can give you a lot of exposures, experience and increase your confidence to land you up with your dream job. 

Here are the essential things that you should know about the degree course – 

Learn Various Subjects – A degree of Bachelors in Business Administration allows you to learn various subjects. The curriculum itself is set like that. You get introduced to subjects that you were never in touch with until your 12th unless you had been a commerce student. In fact, ever for commerce students, BBA offers news subjects. You get to learn psychology, sociology, accounts, economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, marketing, human resource, business communication, business laws and more. Each semester has different set of subjects and hence you learn something new in each semester. 

BBA can literally be exciting to you as you are not sticking to any subject for a long time until you are choosing your specialization. 

Builds Personality – A bachelor’s degree in business not only gets you to learn different subjects but also build your personality for the corporate career you are looking ahead. 

Let’s get it straight. There are many business schools in India but not all of them will give you an opportunity or add that extra cake to the curriculum and spend energy in grooming you. Personality development is a very important aspect of learning BBA. You must choose your college wisely while going for a BBA course. Choose that college which gives equal weightage to your personality development. 

Develops Experience – If you want to go for a corporate job, having some experience is essential. A bachelor’s degree in business gives you multiple scopes and opportunities to do internships or work as a trainee and develop your experience. 

Your experience later will get you a good job as a fresher with a considerable remuneration. 

Opens Options – BBA opens up a lot of avenues for you post your graduation. You can choose to go for a job or you can choose to go for your post graduation. Also, it’s a myth that after BBA the only option for you is MBA. After your bachelors in business administration degree, you can opt to do your masters in other multiple disciplines like journalism, social work, fashion designing, interior designing, culinary science, cyber security and more. 

Growth and Salary – BBA gives a push to your career. You become that kind of fresher who is aware of business essentials. Add up your engaging personality, exposure and experience that you gained during your academic years, you will definitely find them helpful while starting your career. 

Salary of a project manager at the beginning level is not less than 3,50,000 to 4,00,000. Why project managers? Well, India is in huge needs of project managers as per data. And if you are qualified, you will surely end up with a decent job. And why only job? After BBA the entrepreneurship route is open to you. Our youth is choosing to work for themselves now rather than working under someone. 

What Is Expected From You?

Corporate companies no longer are in search if good students who they can train and make fit for permanent employment. They want experience even in case of freshers to reduce their training costs. Hence, even due to this reason a BBA degree is helpful hence your potential employers are actually searching for freshers with a charming personality and impressive portfolio of experience. 

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