A Comprehensive Guide to Student Health Insurance in Australia


Overseas students applying for their Australian student visa must maintain adequate health insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) during their stay in Australia.

The Government of Australia has declared that Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is needed in the visa application process. International students who do not have OSHC policy are not eligible to apply for a student visa. However, overseas students from Belgium, Norway and Sweden are not required to buy OSHC policy.

What is OSHC Policy?

OSHC policy covers hospital and medical expenses of overseas students in case of getting ill or misfortune while staying in Australia.

The basic advantages of having an OSHC policy include doctor visits, some hospital treatments, ambulance cover and medications during the entire stay in Australia.

Who is Required to Purchase OSHC Policy?

Overseas students and their dependents are required to purchase the OSHC policy; it comprises three cover single (the student visa holders), couple (the student visa holder and one partner or recognised de facto partner) and family (the student visa holder, one partner and dependent children under the age of 18).

Who are the OSHC Policy Providers?

Many Australian educational institutions are associated with OSHC Policy providers, but overseas students do not have the chance to compare and buy the policy because the institutions are only associated with one provider. On the contrary, we (Budget Policy) are a third-party company associated with top leading health insurance providers. We provide quality services to our clients at lower than the market price; let them compare and buy the suitable one.

There are multiple OSHC policy providers; some of the leading providers we are associated with:

  • BUPA
  • nib
  • Medibank
  • ahm Health Insurance

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What Will Happen If Someone Forgets to Renew their OSHC Policy?

If someone forgets to renew their OSHC policy, they can renew or extend it, but they need to pay for the duration they did not have the cover. In addition, students also cannot take benefits duration that time.

How to Renew/Extend OSHC Policy?

Overseas students can renew/extend their OSHC policy through:

  • Online
  • Educational institution campus
  • Post

After renewing/extending the policy, the student will receive a new membership card and expiry date; then, they can also renew/extend their visa through the Department of Immigration.

Please note: Overseas students must renew or extend their OSHC policy before expiry to avoid breaching visa condition 8501. If they forget to renew or extend their visa before the due date, they need to renew their visa after renewing or extending their OSHC policy.

Overseas Students Change their OSHC Policy Provider

Yes! Overseas students may transfer their OSHC policy to different providers, but some providers ask for refundable transfer payments. It’s better to know about the policy providers and the services they provide in the OSHC policy than buy the most suitable one.

Requirements for Student Visa

Some basic requirements international students must follow while applying for a student visa. The overseas student must:

  • Check for all the vital documents
  • Have Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), offer letter from Australian educational institution and accommodation details
  • Meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements
  • Provide English language proficiency test results (PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Provide payment receipts (tuition fees, living expenses, health cover, etc.)
  • Provide academic certificates, work experience letters (if any), identity proof (passport, birth certificate), passport size photographs, credit card, international driving license (optional), health & character certificate, etc.
  • Provide proof of adequate health insurance (OSHC)


The OSHC policy helps students to study and live in Australia stress-free and concentrate on other pertinent things. Students must remember their OSHC policy expiry date and renew or extend it on time; if they are unsure where to buy the policy at the most affordable price. They can take guidance from us. Our experts will provide detailed information according to the client’s profile.