Perennial flowers have a lower market value than annual flowers. However, they are rich in color and textures. They have an advantage over annuals since you only need to plant them once. You can select any summer flowers, depending on your preference.

Some people select annuals since they want a difference every ear. They also tend to go with market trends. But if you like nature to get better by the time, then perennial late summer flowers are for you.

summer flowers

Below are more than nine stunning summer flowers you can have for your garden. They range from ordinary to unique. Also, they can withstand the summer sun and bloom throughout the season. 

Balloon Flower

This is one of the easiest summer flowers to grow. It grows well under full sun and well-drained soil. It’s much better if the soil is rich in organic matter. The flower offers a color variety- There are white, purple, and pink colors. You can also find them with single or double petals. You can use the three flowers and plant them decoratively in your garden. 

Canna Lilies

If you like some lush foliage in your garden, then canna lilies are your go-to flower. This late summer flower will give you rich colors late in the summer season. They are best planted during spring so that they are mature enough to bloom during summer. They act as annual flowers in cool regions and perennials in warmer climates. 


Coneflower is a late summer flower that will bloom in full sun. It grows well in sandy and well-drained soil. It feeds on the rich organic matter in the soil. 

Coneflower will bloom from summer to fall. It has a sweet fragrance that attracts songbirds. Thus, it’s perfect for people who love songbirds. You can interplant with other varieties like black-eyed Susan. 

California Poppies

These flowers will always remind you of the beautiful computer wallpaper. They exist in yellow, orange, red, pink, and cream varieties; They grow between 6 and 15 inches under the full some. Unfortunately, they do not grow well through transplanting. Thus, it would help if you sowed them in a section you want them to bloom. Also, ensure you plant them in well-drained soil.

Profusion Zinnias

If you like to have cut flowers for bouquets, then you should look forward to planting zinnias. They offer bright colors with sturdy stems. All varieties of zinnia will do well in hot weather. Profusion zinnias are an exception since they extend their bloom days into the fall. 

These are daisy-like flowers that offer white, cherry, and orange varieties. They are many people’s favorites and have won several garden awards. 


Fuschias have beautiful petals. They will have hues ranging from pink to white. However, they are very delicate. You’ll need to have well-balanced soil to grow them. Also, they should have abundant sunlight. 

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are the flower varieties that offer you rainbow colors. They are large and lively. They make excellent bouquet and vase arrangements- These beauties decorate your garden throughout summer. 

Gerbera daisies are sensitive to moisture. They quickly rot when left in soggy soil. Ensure you have a well-drained garden and the flowers can access partial to full sun. 

Limelight Hydrangea

They can grow into large flowers. They offer to sift white to pastel color varieties. They make excellent vase arrangements. They grow well in well-drained soil and a partial to full sun. 


Summer needs love and distinction. So you can plant carnation flowers to give you all the love and color. Carnations have some bold hues and have small and large varieties. Usually, they grow between 9-12 inches. But some types will grow to 24 inches. 


This is one summer flower that needs plenty of sunlight, a little moisture, and well-drained soil. It has both tall and short varieties. It also offers you a range of colors. If you choose the taller varieties, ensure you plant them in a place they will not get wind damage. 


You can plant petunias only and have a variety of colors in your garden. Petunias have all colors you can imagine. They do well in full sun. However, it’s not suitable to plant them in places with high humidity and frequent rain. 

Petunias grow between 6-12 inches. You can use them as cut flowers for bouquets and home decor. They also have deadheads that allow the flowers to bloom all season. 


Late summer flowers are the best to keep your garden lively throughout the hot season. However, some summer flowers do better in defined zones. Therefore, it’s best to select the flowers that do best in all zones. It means they can grow anywhere with minimum effort. 

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