7 Myths About Website Development That You Must Know

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With the emerging tech advancements, having an online presence has become a necessity. However, with the mandatory tasks comes a huge line of misconceptions.

People perceive ideas about anything without exploring them to the depths of experiencing them. It is a psychological fact to over-think. The habit continues even in the tech industry where people generate ideas and spread them without proper verification.

The Website Development Myths To Avoid In 2022

When the whole era is technological dependent, one should consider smart options to boost their visibility and outsmart the competition.

web development agency in Florida

Coming over to the web development field, we should start digging up the realities and benefits to outsmart the myths in 2022.

MYTH:01 – Getting A Website Is Too Risky!

In terms of what?

Some people add the ‘financial’ term to it and some just fling it to different areas. However, it is not true. Getting a website is never risky unless you are onto some unethical practices over it. It is only risky if:

  • Copyrights are stolen
  • Unethical practices over the website
  • Inappropriate or violent content that harms or threats someone
  • The product/services aren’t real (images)

These are already wrongdoings. Whereas calling a website risky is not justified. Even when it comes to the term ‘money’. The website gets you profits and all just like a tangible shop would do on a road corner for you.

MYTH:02 – Web Development Is Easy

“If it is too easy, you do it.”

You will find a large sum of web development agency in Florida relating to the above statement. The experts are made and called the ‘experts’ due to a reason.

People often assume that web development is easy. However, what they don’t see and get are the backend codes, engineering, development, tactics, etc. To turn a design into a functional working mechanism needs high-end development.

Only qualified, skilled, and smart individuals are known as web developers. Besides, development isn’t just restricted to the website, it is so much more. But whatever it is, it isn’t easy or simple, it is highly technical.

MYTH:03 – A Single Web Developer Can Multi-Task

The term ‘economics’ covers microeconomics, macroeconomics, managerial economics, etc. Just like that, the term ‘development’ covers front-end, back-end, full-stack, programmer, designer, content developer, etc.

Now assuming that a single all-rounder in the world of web development can show up is nothing less than a miracle. This turns down the overall misconception of multi-tasker in the world of web development.

Each department requires a team to function which is divided into sub-tasks or categories. The world of web development holds many layers which are only identifiable unless you are in it.

MYTH:04 – Responsive Web Design Isn’t Important

Only those who are clueless about what responsiveness can do to the website design stand along with this misconception.

A responsive website design is accessible through every device from desktops, laptops, mobile devices. A web design should be made responsive if you’d like your viewers to visit the website without any issues of accessibility. Moreover, many areas of a website depend on and perform well over a responsive design. Keeping the screen variations similar on all devices to avoid glitches is what a responsive web design does for you.

MYTH:05 – Ecommerce Websites Are Heavy On Pocket

Another misconception on web development has been flooding the market for a while. It is not true that website companies charge more while creating your website.

It only depends upon what options you are choosing from the ‘add-ons.’ A simple e-commerce website charges only the fair amount that is easy on the pocket. As the competition in e-commerce solutions through the website has been on a rise, the web development companies have lowered their packages and it is getting feasible for every other startup to build a website.

This puts away the extra burden on pocket myth from e-commerce website development forever.

MYTH:06 – Only The Homepage Should Be Creative

The whole concept design of a website needs to be creative. If your website design is casual and basic it won’t stand out in the competition.

People seem to assume that as the first page of every website is the homepage, it should be attractive by all means regardless of what goes over the other pages of the website. Whereas all the pages of a website matter. Each website page holds a different function and value which is strategized by digital leads.

Focusing on the homepage and making it attractive matters, but the other pages like, about us, services, contact, etc. also matter the same consideration. You cannot fill up everything over your homepage it should be divided as per the other pages and sections. Strategize then make a move.

MYTH:07 – SEO Isn’t Important During Website Creation

One of the web development myths also includes that SEO isn’t necessary while the procedure of website development.

SEO is important! Not just at the end of web completion but also at the beginning. It is necessary to get:

  • Page responsiveness
  • For creating HTTPS
  • Level up the speed of the website
  • Sitemap creation
  • Enhancing URL structures
  • Work on website hierarchy
  • Maintain T&Ds and other tags

And so much more.

We need search engine optimization for a lot of reasons. It is not just limited to creating backlinks, business listings, or publishing SEO-friendly blogs. Who gets your website to the top in all search engines? SEO. Why create a misconception and let go of a golden chance of a good grip over search engines at the beginning of your website creation.


Just like any other domain, the web development industry is also suffocated with misconceptions. It is not the work of industry competitors but the assumptions people perceive without interrogating the roots of the statement.

Web development is mandatory if you would like o to survive in this tech era of e-commerce businesses. To be able to succeed here, unlearn the myths and start learning the truth in the web development industry.

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