7 Mystical Flowers you can add to your Beauty Regime

Mystical Flowers

Roses are an epitome of love, affection, passion, etc. etc. etc.!!! We have been hearing this like for centuries. But did you know that this symbol of love can also help in rejuvenating the cells of your skin? It can soften your lips, remove your tanning, and heal your scars. No, isn’t it? If you are a makeup maniac, then you should seriously know these beautifying flowers. 

Since ancient times, flowers have been used for perfumery, rejuvenation, and beautification purposes. It is because of the amazing medicinal properties they have. There are a zillion ways in which you can use these flowers in. They can be added to your green tea or can be boiled and used as water spray, etc. So, pals, I have sorted out some essential flowers which you can add to your skincare regime. I hope that you enjoy using these amazing flowers for your beautification purposes. You can go for online flower delivery in Gurgaon to avoid wandering around the market.


This flower is easily available during the winters and is also known as Marigold. One can use the calendula oil because of the anti-inflammatory properties it has. The petals of this flower are made into a paste and used for reducing the skin blemishes. Did you have any idea that it’s petals are edible? You can also make a strong tea using a half cup of boiling water and the other half also constituting the petals. This flower can also be used as a face mask.


Do you feel stressed, and your face muscles start aching sometimes? If yes, then the aromatic vinegar of carnations is the best. For making the aromatic vinegar, you need to take 100 ml of vinegar and add ten carnation petals. Then let this rest for a day, and then use this water for washing your face, or else you can also add it to your bathtub. In ancient Greece, it was known as Dianthus and was loved for its bright colors and sweet scent. If you are looking for carnations, then you can search it online also. You can then order online flowers and get online on demand flowers delivery, and they will send it at your doorstep.


This one belongs to the citrus family and is helpful for the treatment of many skin issues. A solid bergamot flower tea can be sprinkled onto the face as an astringent or used for strong hair. You need to take 500 grams of herb and boil in 1 litre of water. After boiling, then strain the water and use it for washing your face or hair. 


Almost all of us are acquainted with Chamomile because of its use in the cafes and tea shops. It is known for its sedative effect, which helps in inducing sleep. It is known for many amazing properties, including its beauty practices, which were done in ancient times. If, in any case, you are suffering from dark circles or puffiness around your eyes. Then, make an infusion of chamomile flowers and use them on your eyes as a compressor. It also helps to ease weariness in general. You can find Chamomile with any florist in Hyderabad and start using it today only!!!


It is an all-time favorite flower, and all of us are aware of its amazing benefits. The extremely fragrant bloom, when mixed with vinegar, makes a good bath vinegar. If you use almond oil, then you add some Jasmine water to it for adding its goodness. You can also make Jasmine mist by keeping the flowers in mineral water for overnight. Then, you can strain them and add them into a spray bottle. Store this Jasmine mist in the refrigerator and use it for a week every day to see the difference in your skin.


This flower is used for both skin and hair. Pansies are full of salicylic acid, which helps it in giving soothing effect and makes it an excellent astringent. You can use it as a lotion or ointment. If you have painful pimples, then add a fresh paste of pansy petals to soothe and calm the inflammation.

These were some vibrant looking flowers with amazing medicinal benefits for your skin, hair, and body. If in case you receive a bouquet on your next occasion, then instead of letting the flowers dry, make the best use out of them. Also, make sure you share these tips with your dear ones also.

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