7 Critical Success Factors for Expanding Your Plumbing Business

Plumber service business

No business wants to remain stagnant, everyone wants to grow and expand and reach as many customers as possible. Many people might think that a plumbing business has a limitation in terms of services and customer base but this industry has existed for many hundreds of years. One simply needs to know the right steps to take in order to grow their business into a successful one.

Here are 7 factors crucial at expanding your plumbing business

Find a Niche

There’s a lot of competition in the plumbing service industry. In order for a business to expand, it’s important that they find their own niche of services that only they can offer. Doing research will yield many results of plumbing areas that are not covered by businesses or services that are currently underserved. Some examples of specialized services include water pipe and gas line installation as well as repairing custom bath and shower. Commercial plumbing maintenance like hospitals and office buildings is also a lucrative business. Whatever the niche may be, it’s important to choose a niche that you can handle. Not delivering a promise is something all business should avoid.

Training and Experience is Important

It cannot be stressed enough how valuable vital proper training and experience are to a business. Training is considered an integral investment in any service-oriented business akin to manpower and equipment. This coupled with enough experience are two important factors that draw in business from customers. People are more readily willing to partner with businesses with qualified and professional staff than otherwise. Training includes getting licensed by the proper governing body. Getting experience involves being an apprentice from a licensed plumber or for a plumbing company. Continuing education like seminars and forums are also available for licensed plumbers in order to stay abreast with all the latest development in the plumbing industry.

plumbing business

Take Care of Repeat Customers

For as long as modern society has existed, the plumbing industry has held great importance in maintaining homes and public buildings. This means it is an industry that people always rely on to construct and maintain their plumbing. It’s not enough to offer great service, taking care of people who have had been repeating customers is vital in expanding the business. These are the ones that are most likely to recommend the business to other people.


To attract customers, you need to advertise. You need to put your business out there for people to see. It needs to be attractive to gain the attention of potential customers and it also has to be memorable so when the needs arise they will remember your service. A simple way to advertise without spending too much money is by getting an attractive business card to give to people. Together with the contact information of the business, it also needs to contain the services offered as well as specialization.

A Clear and Detailed Business Plan

This is something not only plumbing businesses need to have, but all types of business. For a venture to succeed they need to have clear goals and concrete plans on how they’re going to achieve those goals. The steps to achieve these should be written down and broken into easily managed chunks. This will be the backbone of the business through the days, months, and years, guiding the operation towards those goals. This requires a lot of research in preparing. Resources needed should be determined and the options in growing the business explored thoroughly. The success of the business relies on a detailed business plan.

Have a Business Website

In our day and age when the internet permeates every aspect of human culture, it would be foolish not to set up a website for the business. It’s a necessary factor to grow a business because people use the internet to look for products and services. Now, people want to get to know a business before deciding on availing the services they offer. Websites, therefore, should be user-friendly, navigable, and contains enough information to answer any and all questions prospective customers might have. It should showcase clearly what your business is about and what plumbing services you offer. Make sure, too, that your page loads quickly as people navigate around it.

Use Social Media

Almost all potential customers use social media, if not all. Therefore in order for your plumbing service to expand, jumping on the bandwagon and creating a business page or account in different social media platforms will only be to your business’ advantage. Social media a great way to advertise the services you offer as well as a great way to communicate with your customers. Answering their questions and queries are easier through social media and decimating information about a promo or a new service is more effective through social media.

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