7 Car Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of your Car

Car Maintenance Tips

For many people, their car is an integral part of their lives that help keep things in order. Many people rely on their cars to get to work, go somewhere, and do errands. Without it their day could come to a grinding halt leading to a day wasted or possibly lost income. But bringing your car to an auto shop for maintenance could be quite expensive, not to mention having to be without a car for a couple of days. There are, however, car maintenance tips and hacks you can do as a car owner that will help with extending the life of your vehicle.

7 Car Maintenance Tips

Read the Manual

There are thousands of people driving today that haven’t even opened the car manual. It might surprise you that this little booklet is a good source of information about the car, the many features it offers, as well as how to maintain it. Reading the manual could yield a treasure trove of information about the proper way to take care of the vehicle. Reading the manual could even save you from calling a tow truck to get rescued.

Less Driving

It might seem counterintuitive but using your car only when you need to extends its life. Short journeys are especially harmful to cars. Cold starts can threaten your engine, bad for your gas mileage, and harmful to the environment. Use your car only when you need to. If the journey isn’t too far, consider walking or taking the bike. You can also combine multiple errands or use another car if you have the option of doing so.

Check Fluids

Car fluids ensure that all parts of the vehicle are lubricated and functioning properly. So it is integral that checking fluids levels on your car should be done regularly. This means checking the level of the anti-freeze, transmission fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. The best time to do these checks is when you refuel. Make it a habit to do such checks at least twice a week.

Rotate Tires

This is particularly important if you use your car for the daily commute. Rotating your tires even out the wear and tear on its tread making for a smoother drive and extending its life. It is recommended to rotate tires twice a year or every 6,000 to 7,000 miles of driving.

Drive Slowly Upon Starting

When you first start your car in the morning, take it easy for a couple of miles of driving to warm up the car properly. Avoid stepping too hard on the gas pedal or pressing too hard on the breaks. This will avoid straining your car when the engine oil is still cold and thick. For colder seasons, it is advised that you use a space heater to make it easier to start the car in the morning.

Use Your Handbrake

Even if your car is an automatic transmission, you should use your break regularly especially when your car is on park. This will help keep the brakes on the rear adjusted and making them last longer.

Wash Your Car

Your car accumulates a lot of dirt and drives during regular use. This dirt and debris can cause harm to your engine and other parts of the car when they aren’t washed off regularly. Make it a habit to give your car a proper wash once a week or as needed especially during rainy seasons or in the winter when the roads are salted and there is a lot of sludge.

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