6 Most Important Guidelines For Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioner is one of the appliances you will need this summer. There are millions of household appliances that we use during our day-to-day life and many appliances do have fallouts if the customers do not have the need to use it as much as say- air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators and so on. Many more innovations are coming up in the household-appliance sector as well.

A majority of the American households own a radiator and air conditioner, along with the other major appliances commonly used for cooking, cleaning and general convenience. These appliances are of different types and we see that it gradually becomes more simple in use with intricate technology.

Cleaning the air filter

However, there are appliances with the same use at different price ranges. This works for customers from all walks of life like college students usually have a limited budget on their monthly usage and may need cheaper but substantial cooking appliances for use. Now we see that a better maintained household appliance remains to be a good investment, having regular maintenance checks ensures there is nothing wrong with them and ensures a longer shelf life.

Have a Timely Maintenance Check And Clean-up

Having dusty and dirty or even clogged air filters cause major air flow obstruction over time. It reduces the AC’s cooling rate and allows the system to perform with full optimisation. In case the filter way is filled with dirt, dust and other unwanted materials, the air produced by the air conditioner works as a carrier agent of this dirt right into a very important coil called the evaporator coil.

The damage done is typically when the coil gets covered with the carried dirt and hence prevents cool air from being produced. Cleaning the air filter should be regulated on a monthly basis, through this the dirt-covered coil gets wiped clean and results in proper cooling. Make a note if you keep furry pets, the coil gets easily covered with their fur and prevents proper cooling.

Make Sure Evaporator Coils Are Spec And Span

Having a clean air filter means you prevent dust and dirt from covering the cooling coils. However, sometimes there is remaining dirt and material that stays on the coils due time. This situation usually brings about a change to the ability of coils that absorb heat, this later brings a negative effect on maintaining the cool process of a room. This evaporator coil maintenance should be done annually.

Proper Maintenance Of The Condenser Oil

Having a proper cleaning maintenance for the condenser and fan unit that is typically located outdoors of the house. This is seen in all kinds of air conditioners. Since the outdoor environment can be windy, dusty and not suitable for the air conditioner unit there needs to be an annual unit maintenance. All that unwanted debris might lead to difficulties in releasing the hot air out from the coils,

Thorough Cleaning Of The Coil Fins

The fins that are attached on condensers and coils need to be properly maintained. They are easy to spot and their location is susceptible to gaining dust and other debris. Make sure the fins are properly cleaned during inspections and cleanups on a regular basis. The fin is simply a part of the connecting unit yet if it is poorly maintained it can cause the air conditioner to slow down and produce the wrong channels of air flow.

Make Sure To Unclog The Rear Drain

Specific parts have specific cleaning measures to follow, if these steps are not properly followed it leads to further damage to the air conditioner as a whole. If even a part of an appliance stops functioning properly, customers usually try to find a replacement or simply continue to use it if the malfunction is a minor one.

When the rear drain is seen to have some obstruction, the clogged part prevents easy water flow and hence, unwanted water is trapped inside the air conditioner unit. When there is not available opening for the collected water to be released there is an increase in the humid levels of the interior house.

During Winters Ensure Covering The Compressor Unit

Seasonal changes quickly apply to the sort of appliances with a specific use such as the air conditioner. It’s main purpose is to provide cool air during the hotter days of the year, it also makes sure the humidity caused by the geographic location does not enter the room. Some appliances need to be properly stored before using it the next time. Keeping an appliance dormant may cause some malfunctions but this is the case of older appliances.

Make sure the compressor is well covered when the air conditioner is not in use. This is the usual trend people follow during winter to prevent any dust or debris from gathering inside the walls of the compressor.


We see that there are always options customers can try and initiate such as making regular maintenance checks. In case you do forget your monthly maintenance check try to schedule your dates in advance with your hired air conditioner repair service. They simply give you a call, message, email or notification for the monthly checkout. Buying new appliances can be a task for a long day.

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