6 Bollywood Movies You Should Know

bollywood movies

Every year the Bollywood industry produces a lot of films in which the superstar actors perform their best to hit the movie. All the movies having a separate specific point of view and lessons for the audience and in Indian people love to watch movies. The Bollywood film industry due to this reason knowing in the world wide a big industry in producing good films for its fans. We have gathered some most favorite movies which are most liked by people.

Jab We Met

This film released in 2007 stared on Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor in the film industry this couple also like most by the people because their couple did many blockbusters. Shahid Kapoor is a very young and energetic actor and in a very short period of time, he attains good fame in the industry. On the other side Kareena Kapoor also a versatile actress and the sister of senior actress Karishma Kapoor. This movie was one of the greatest blockbusters in which a girl runs from her home to marry a guy and the guy refused to marry her after all done. In all this a girl stands on the railway station waiting for her train some bad guy come and tease her, then she runs from that side and collapses suddenly with a guy who is Shahid Kapoor and after all that, they fall in love with each other.

Main Hoon Na

Released in 2004 and was one of a great blockbuster at that year of Shahrukh Khan, the film is comedy action and romantic. In this film Shahrukh Khan role is the army officer Major Ram who is sent by the army General to protect his daughter who is studying in college. And at the same college, Major Ram’s stepbrother is also studying so the cause of Ram to come here to find his stepbrother and mother and second is protect general’s girl.


This was a great hit movie of 2011 in which Salman Khan and co-actress in the leading role did a fantastic job. In this movie, a girl Chaya who is the daughter of a rich man wanted to learn in university out of a city and send a bodyguard to take care of his daughter from the goons that are enemies. And the bodyguard is Salman Khan who is the son of the servant of a rich man. And she falls in love with bodyguard and Chaya’s friend betrayed her and take him and away and marry him. You can free download the Bodyguard movie on MovieHustle in a 1080p quality result. After all this, she diagnoses with cancer and she already has one son. Suddenly when Salman Khan comes to the home of a rich man with his son Chaya told him that she was the real girl who loves him and her friend betrayed her and take you to with her away.

3 Idiots

This movie released in 2009 and become a major blockbuster of that year in which Amir khan and his friends did a great job. In this movie, in engineering university three students showing how many hurdles they face in their study career about their studies. Some of them do suicide due to low marks in studies and sometimes they quit in their life due to pressure. In this film also described how our education system is so bad in which many students lose their objectives.

Veer Zara

This film released in 2004 an action and romantic movie in which Sharukh Khan and Preity Zinta played a lead role. Squadron leader Veer Pratab Singh which is the pilot of Indian army aviation and Zara is a Pakistani girl who visits India to spread her grandmother ashes in Ganga. Suddenly the bus of Zara fall in a great dig and Veer comes and rescues all passengers to the safe zone and the Zara is one of them. After that Veer goes to his home to take holidays from his office and takes the bus and Zara is also on the same bus. In all travel, they make friends with each other and fall in love with each other. When the families of both know this their reaction is very offensive. In all this tense situation when Veer comes to Pakistan arrested by the army for 22 years in jail and Zara without marrying anyone who spends her life in Veer’s home. And after that finally, they meet in a court after 22 years and again meet each other.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

This film was released in 2015 in which Salman Khan played a vital role in the movie with a little girl named called Muni in the movie. Muni is a girl who is from her childhood cannot speak her mother and all her family very worried about that anytime for her. They lived in POK and one day someone told her family in India a Mazaar was there in which all prayer accept must and hurry. Her mother decided to go on that mazaar take her daughter and come to India on the mazaar and on the returning in the train she sleeps for a while and her daughter who sits in her lap sees outside the baby goat jumping. The train is stopped for a few minutes in that area her daughter comes outside to take a baby goat and train start drive and her daughter left behind. So the Salman Khan finds her daughter incidentally and took her into his home and finally make a plan to reach her home in Pakistan that is muni’s motherland.

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