Ultimate Tips To Win 6/49 GO Lottery

GO Lottery

The variety of lotteries available for players of any country are limited, but they explode when the players join Lottoland. They have the option of choosing lottery games as well as casino games on this leading platform. To add to this variety, Lottoland now offers 6/49 Go Lottery as well. This game is amazing in two ways, the first one being that it gives you multiple chances to win in a day. You can play this game every hour. Secondly, it allows you to win even when you lose. For more tips on how to win with this lottery game, read on.

The Game

As the name suggests, you have to pick 6 numbers out of 49. You also have to pick a number from 0 to 9, which is the last digit of your ticket number. You have to match these 7 numbers on your ticket with the draw. If you choose the bonus games, you have to match the digits of your ticket number in the same order as those drawn for these prizes.

The Prize Value

The jackpot for each draw is valued at INR 1 billion and more. The bonus games, if selected, can help you additionally win huge amounts running into millions of rupees. Spiel 77 has the top prize of approximately INR 14 million, while Super 6 offers INR 8 million. The last Glucksspirale, if won, assures you a payout of about INR 8 lakhs per month for 20 years. 

Selection of Numbers

These are seriously big prizes and you must leave no stone unturned to use the right strategy while selecting the perfect numbers for the same. It is all based on what you believe is the right choice. Go by your gut feel when you are making the selection.


Statistically speaking, all the numbers have an equal chance of winning. If you believe that, then opting for the quick pick is the right choice for you.

Study Past Data

Look at the results of the past few weeks and study the pattern of numbers drawn. If you see a pattern in the most and least drawn numbers, choose a combination that represents either hot numbers or cold numbers.

Repeat Performance

If you are picking numbers manually, repeat your choice for a few draws and see your chances improve.

Increase Your Chances

Opting for more tickets in a draw is a sure-shot way of improving your chances. But, doing so with a syndicate is a more sensible way of doing so.

Don’t Always Aim high

Jackpots are not the only prize options in this dynamic game; even lower tiers give decent amounts as prizes. Winning several smaller prizes is also good returns on your investment.

The strategy for playing any lottery game is the same. It will now depend on how often you play and win. If there are rounds where you fail to match any numbers, you get your money back, effectively making you a winner by not losing. This charming game is therefore favoured by many.

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