5 Ways to Fix a Stinky Sink

Stinky Sink

A stinky sink is a nightmare of every homeowner. Not only it can become a reason for unwanted diseases at home, but it can also lead to embarrassment when guests visit the place. There are very common problems that cause the unpleasant smell in the sinks of our bathrooms and kitchens. Luckily, one can use a few simple hacks to get rid of the foul smell of the sink. Here are the 5 ways to fix a stinky sink.

1. Getting Rid of Rotting Organic Clogs

Kitchen drains are the perfect places for organic wastes to accumulate and clog the pipes. As these organic wastes from food on the plate and many other sources enter the pipes, they start rotting there leaving a foul smell. Hydrogen peroxides, dish soaps, and commercial cleaning liquids can do the trick of cleaning these wastes for you. Leaving these liquids in contact with the surface for some time and then washing them away is all that one needs to do to get rid of them.

2. A Little Help of Hot Water

Boiling water is a go-to solution for many households whenever the kitchen sink starts stinking. Not only the running water can take away the stinking waste in the drain but also kill the harmful bacteria sitting in it. Boiling water will also kill any sorts of pests and little insects that are breeding in the pipes. One must, however, keep in mind to use boiling water lesser in PVC pipes as boiling water is enough to melt them.

3. More Than a Pinch of Salt

If water alone does not clean your kitchen sinks then its combination with the salt will. Salts are a great way to melt the clogs down the drain. When you want to get rid of clogs in your kitchen sink, all you have to do is add a spoonful of salt in your sink and let it sit in the drain for some time (about 20 minutes or more). Running boiling water down the drain after letting the salt do its work is often enough to push the blockage further down clearing the pipes of stinking materials. It is a solution that doesn’t require much effort or additional help.

4. Lemon + Baking Powder = No More Stinking Sinks

Lemon and baking powder is another combination that is very helpful in getting rid of bad smell in the kitchen sink. More often than not the major reason for a stinking sink is the blockage inside is rotting away. When you use baking powder and lemon to get rid of that smell, then the reaction between the two melts away the clogs in no time. The smell of lemon also helps your kitchen smell fresher while covering the smell of the sink. Alternatively, people also use baking powder and vinegar which is also a very effective way of getting rid of poor smelling sinks. 

5. Roll Up Your Sleeves

Getting your hands dirty becomes necessary a lot of times. Some clogs that may be down the drain causing the smell in your sink are tough to get rid of. Using a thin wire or straightened hanger can immensely help you in pushing them further down. A plunger over the open drain can also help dislodge any blockage in the kitchen sink which can often lead to its stinking. If DIY is not your thing or the smell just won’t go away then it will be a better option if you find the best plumbers near you.

Getting the help of professionals for your bathrooms can permanently fix the underlying problems in your kitchen sink. A regularly stinking kitchen may have a damaged drain or improper fittings that may be causing clogs which further lead to foul smell. We would also suggest that you keep a check on your habits of using the kitchen where you cut down throwing leftover food without considering how it may affect the drain.

Preventive measures can take you a long way with the health of your kitchen sink. If after the precautions you still come across its stinking then our tips will help you steer clear of them.

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