Shades software is an essential tool for the window shades, shutters and blinds business as it improves all department functions. With a bespoke blinds shades and shutters software that is tailored to the business operations and customer facing needs. Rather than have multiple software applications for each department, ERP provides a single centralized platform with multiple plugins for individual departments. This facilitates easy access to data and the opportunity to view all the data in conjunction to gain critical business information and facilitate inter-departmental collaboration and communication.

blinds shades and shutters software

Here are 5 Ways in which blinds shades and shutters software is Making Business Easy.

1.   Increase in profits

With shades software online, accurate quotes and orders help in anticipating the demand, which in turn aids in manufacturing and maintaining the right amount of product inventory. Also, as specifications are all fed into the system and accessed by the personnel directly, they can stick to the specifications and thus, the right product will be built, leading to lesser wastage.

Also, as the product order and delivery timelines are prepared, all processes can be aligned to ensure that the orders are fulfilled in time, maintaining time leverage for breakdowns or other unforeseeable delays. Thus, business will witness increase in profits.

2.   Customers receive the products on time

Blinds shades and shutters ERP come with option to add GPS plug-in that is crucial for businesses where the end-to-end tracking of products is essential. So, from the moment the finished product leaves the factory till it is delivered to the customer, it’s exact location can be traced with the RFID code and via integrated GPS tracking of delivery trucks. Regular order updates can be sent to the customers to alert them of the status and ensure them that their order is being worked upon and will reach them on time.

3.   Special CRM features

Blinds shades and shutters is a business that runs largely on customer satisfaction – with the product and service. Using a Shades software online, businesses can offer customers a host of differentiating services such as chatbots to guide them with quotes and measurements, order tracking or any related queries.

Customer information, interaction history and order history can be recorded accurately without any accidental duplicates being created. Thus, customer queries can be answered accurately, their orders can be delivered on time and any issues can be resolved promptly.

4. Better management of field staff

Blinds shades and shutters software can help in keeping track of the movement of field staff and create a transparent communication channel between the office and field staff. The open communication channels imply that there is better understanding of each other’s roles and how their presence on the field can be capitalized in other avenues.

For instance, the field staff faces the clients firsthand in their site while they deliver or install the blinds or shades. They can push additional services or products after viewing the product use. Also, it is easier to allocate on-field tasks in the same direction and save overheads from miscommunications.

5. Speed in creating quotes and orders

The shades software drastically reduces time needed for creating quotes and orders as it allows quick data access to sales agents. On a single page, the sales agent can view prices, check offers and discounts and create quotes by inputting the correct measurements for window treatment. They can even get quick access to accessories for blinds, shutters and shades to help the customer make their choice and complete the order.

ERP software is no longer the luxury of large businesses, but it is also a necessity for small business owners. The bright side is that the investment in Blinds shades and shutters software will payback many times over within a very short period.

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