5 Things to Check Often on Your Heavy-Duty Truck

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Truck breakdown after every 1000 miles or so should not surprise you. Heavy trucks require regular checkups and maintenance to keep long on roads. Taking your time to check on problems with your truck not only helps you from having a major breakdown but also helps save money and have more time with it.

Below are some of the major tips that would help keep your truck stable for all your works and keep it working at its best performance for the coming periods.

1. Constantly Check on the Engine Oil and Filter

For proper working of your engine, your engine oil needs to be clean. Clean engine oil helps lubricate the engine mechanical parts protecting them from wear and tear. The most way engine oil gets dirty is after being in contact with dust and dirt from the environment or the engine itself.

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For all your heavy-duty trucks, you need to check their manual to know how often you are required to have an oil change.

According to the most heavy-duty manuals, they base their oil change depending on miles covered and period for the existing one which can range between 7000 to 5000 miles or 6 months. Most heavy-duty vehicles go at low speed and may be used in rough roads and dusty ones. For such cases, it is advised to have engine oil change frequently.

The truck engine incorporates the use of oil and air to work effectively. Just like clean oil is recommended, so is the air. Your oil filter needs to be changed regularly to make sure your engine meets such requirements. With constant oil and filter changes, be assured of your engine working for long as it is working under good conditions.

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2. Check on The other Fluids

Before hitting the road, it is advisable to check on the engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer. With such management, you could be on the road for long without being worried about looking for a truck repair that may be close.

The fluid uses an engine cooler to maintain room temperature. Engines work effectively under constant room temperature as extreme temperatures may result in engine failures.

The power steering fluid plays the role of hydraulics on your truck’s steering system. Most of these parts are expensive when damaged. With constant change and maintenance of the power steering fluid, your system is safe and in a position to have a long life.

The other hydraulics fluid that needs constant change is the brake fluid. When moist air gets into the brake fluid, its functionality wears off hence the need for constant replacements.

We all know that the truck’s visual part is dependent on the cleanliness of the windshield washer.

A clean windshield is a safety precaution that cannot be ignored. With such maintenance, be assured of your truck running for long without the headaches of repairing fees.

3. Have Constant Tire Inspection

Regular tire inspection is essential when it comes to truck maintenance. Punctured or worn-out tires are a liability to any of your heavy trucks. In case of uneven wear, your truck tire alignment or suspension may have issues. Locating such cases may save you from significant risk.

4. Check on the Battery

Long-hour drives and random stops not only put the battery at risk but also the electric system and the motor-generator of the care system. It is advisable to check on your truck battery annually to see if it’s in a good position. A good battery for your truck allows the alternator and motor system to service your truck well for any of their use.

5. Have Your Truck inspected

Constant truck inspections may be inconvenient, but annual ones act as preventative measures. Inspections help in identifying early safety measures for any mechanical damages. With preventative measures, your truck will be operating at its best conditions, giving you outstanding performance on any of your works.

Heavy trucks need constant checkups, with proper truck repair and maintenance in order to serve you long.

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