5 Strange Ways To Earn Money In 2019

earn money

Are you looking for obscure ways to make money? Need extra cash to fund your next purchase? Want handy money so you can go on a holiday?

In this post, we are going to show you 5 strange ways to earn money in 2019. The best thing about these strange ways to generate cash is the fact they are all legit.

Get paid to walk

Did you know that you can get paid to walk ? There are a number of interactive apps that pay you to use them while you try to get fit and active. You can install free apps that are available on the Play Store and Apple Store that will pay you gift cards and/or Paypal cash to lose weight. Simply put your phone in your pocket as you walk or work out and you get rewarded in points. There are thresholds that you must achieve in order to cash out your rewards.

Sell hand crafts

Are you a creative person? Did you know that you could get paid to sell crafts and art pieces that you can make. You can advertise your items for free on simple classifieds websites that do not charge you money to post. There are other websites out there like etsy.com where people make lots of money selling their handmade items to people all over the world.

Medical Research

Did you know that you can get paid for participating in medical research? You may come across adverts online and in newspapers where people are required for medical research. Those who get picked will get compensated for their time. If you are interested in this strange way to make money, keep an eye out for opportunities like these which could be great if you want to do this.


Did you know that you can get paid to do surveys? If you love answering questions and if you love giving your opinion and filling in forms this would be a really strange way to make money for you. There are many websites and apps that pay you to fill in surveys which you will be rewarded in cash or gift cards for your favourite online stores or restaurants.

Anybody can join those survey sites and they are all free. If you come across a website that asks for money to do surveys, they are very likely to be a scam.

Holding a sign

Another strange way to make money is to be a human bill board by holding a sign. There are marketing companies that offer jobs to people willing to be a human billboard.

If there are no companies in your town that offer this service, you can offer this service to local businesses. You can set how much you want to charge for your business.

There are lots of strange ways that you can earn money. The ways listed in this post is an example of weird ways that you can generate some extra cash. There are lots of things that are so weird but they pay you!

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