5 Reasons Students Facing Depression and Anxiety Issues during Results

matric result

After appearing in the examination, the result is the most important stage that every student has to go through.  It is the stage when every student becomes curious about the result. No one knows what is going to have happened. The result has many effects on the students. Sometimes students take a lot of tension that they become fall prey to depression.

After exams, the students are often disturbed about the result.  The exam is the stage that produces a curiosity within every student. Most of the students are those who have taken up the result as anxiety. They cannot estimate their numbers. They do not even care about their health because of the result.

Here are the 5 reasons that affect the student and makes them depressed.

  • Expectations.
  • Not taking the exam seriously.
  • Waste their time in extra activities.
  • Over Confidence.
  • Negative attitude.


Every individual has a lot of expectations but when it comes to the student, they should not want to be overly concerned about themselves. Students practice their exams and almost every student wants to become first. In the same way, before their exam result, they have a lot of expectations. They are speculating that they will take the highest marks in their result. This is mostly the case with Toppers. They want to see themselves at a very high level.

matric result

Those students are very concerned about their studies. They also have family burdens on them. Which enhances their spontaneity. That is why when their result comes they find themselves not in the first position while their expectations were too high, they lost themselves in the depression which is very harmful to them.

Not taking the exam seriously.

One of the major causes of depression and anxiety during the matric result is that students do not take their exams seriously. They always keep in touch with the other activities. When the exams come, they do not study properly and always think that they will pass the exams. While it is not like that. The thing is how you will succeed in your result if you are not prepared for the exams.

The students who do not focus on their study for the whole year and get fail when the result comes, they take depressed and decide to leave from a study which is harmful to them in their future.

Waste their time in extra activities.

Most students waste their time on the extra activities. They do not prepare for the exams and as a result, when the final result comes they could not succeed. They lost the opportunities that other students get. Extra activities are also beneficial. But they can be overused. Students have lost focus on their studies. Or every time they use to play games. This is one of the causes why a student fails in their exams and they lead to depression.

8 methods to avoid squandering exam time

  • Divert attention to yourself as much as possible.
  • To remember stuff, use your strongest sense.
  • Set deadlines for yourself.
  • Work when you’re at your most alert and productive.
  • Do not even put a lot of pressure on yourself…
  • Eat well and get some exercise.
  • By seeking assistance, you can be inspired and save time.
  • The key to success is motivation.

Over Confidence.

Researchers agree that having an overconfident attitude causes failure, just the same as having a lack of confidence does. When a student is overconfident in his or her skill and abilities, he or she is unable to study to their full potential and ends up failing examinations.

Before the result, they are in full confidence before their result that they will pass with high scores while that does not happen and they lose their expectations. As like, when their result comes they got fail and do not believe it and go into severe depression. Overconfidence eliminates the possibility in them that they are wrong.

This is one of the reasons why most of the students are not successful in results because they are more and more confident about their studies.

Negative attitude.

It is often quite damaging to have a pessimistic attitude about life and its obstacles. The negativity takes the student far behind. It does not let them succeed. The student thinks negatively every time. In the same way, when their result has to come, they do not have the upper confidence that they will succeed with good marks, but they think negatively. After their inter result, they completely lose hope when failing in the exams. Just because they kept a negative attitude towards their study throughout the year.

Negative thinking is like a huge barrier. It isolates you, prevents you from reaching your goals, and stops you from progressing in life whether you are wanting to comprehend, progress, or simply be pleased. So, those students who adopt a negative attitude towards their studies become fall prey to anxiety or depression when their result is near.

Issues that Students Facing during Their Result

Following are the issues that students face during their results and which disturb their mental health.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a type of anxiety disorder that affects the anxiety that is constant and strong and interferes with day-to-day activity.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental illness.
  • Anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, are a form of anxiety condition.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Anxiety Disorder in Social Situations.

Result Improvement Methodologies

Here are some methodologies that will make you move to get high scores in your result. By adopting them, you will succeed in your result.

  • Encourage yourself by rewarding yourself with meals or other delights for listening to the presentation.
  • Develop the attitude of paying attention and not being diverted.
  • Take a seat in one of the first rows of your class.
  • To relieve stress, use a stress ball or a fidget spinner.
  • Enroll in in-class activities.
  • Avoid all forms of distraction, such as social media, during class.

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