If you are a professional gamer, you likely rose to your level of success through either streaming your content or for being recognized for excelling in competition. Even if you just base your professionalism on your wins, you still likely post highlight reels of your wins on social media or online. Professional gaming is a great industry to get into if you love to play video games, but it can sometimes be difficult to do all you have to do to retain loyalty online. For this reason, there are several online resources in place for you to use, including the five that are below.

1. Sizzle

Sizzle is currently in beta testing, but it is a great resource for you if you are a professional gamer or even if you are a streamer. This automated gaming highlights software knows when to take video captures of your gameplay, recognizing wins, headshots, or sniper shots in certain games. It is compatible with some of the most popular video games that professionals play right now including Fortnite, PUBG, Warzone, Valorant, Rockey League, Apex Legends, and more. The highlights will be saved right to your system so that you can easily upload them to your streaming platform or to your social media channels.

automated gaming highlights software

2. Open Broadcast Studio

Open Broadcast Studio, which is better known as OBS, is perfect if you have become a professional gamer through streaming. This software works primarily with Twitch and allows you to create a layout for your stream so that it is visually attractive to your viewers. You can even support multiple cameras if you are playing with several of your friends for a match so that the audience can see everyone’s faces. You can connect OBS to several plug-ins as well to showcase alerts on your streams, develop special sounds to play for certain actions, and more.

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is one of the pieces of software that is able to be used effectively with OBS> It is continually growing to offer more content that is beneficial to you if you stream through the Twitch platform especially. Streamlabs primarily works by providing widgets to your stream that let you handle donations with ease, run contests for your viewers, play the alerts and sounds aforementioned, and even provide countdowns on your page. You can even place banners that showcase your sponsors over your stream if this is the primary way that you make money.

4. Input Overlay

Input Overlay is a great way to grow your following if you are a professional gamer through being able to interact with your audience members. When you utilize Input Overlay, you are receiving an interesting way to interact with your viewers as you are allowing them to see the controls you use in the game. This is great to use if you are particularly skilled at certain games more than others and want to teach others how you play. You can even showcase how you make it through certain sections of some of the most difficult games there are.

5. Nightbot

The final software that is beneficial to you as a professional gamer is Nightbot. When you stream, you likely know that your followers can chat with you and ask you questions through the chat function that is available. It is difficult, however, to keep up with all of the chat if you have a large following or if you are in a particularly intense section of the game. Nightbot can help you to moderate the chat by placing schematic messages about your stream during random intervals, which can also encourage your audience to subscribe or to follow you.

Final Thoughts

Some individuals may think that professional gaming is an easy industry to get into, but there is more to it than you may think. You have to keep up with your audience and make sure you are providing content that is interesting to your audience to maintain revenue. You have to also ensure that you are giving your sponsors the recognition that they are due. Any of the tools above can help you through any of the difficulties that you may be facing as a streamer, so start testing them out for yourself as soon as possible.

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