5 Different Headpieces Associated With Vintage Double Edge Razor

Vintage Double Edge Razor

Vintage double edge razors relative to other razor designs, for example, cartridge razors, straight razors, etc. are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The reason that has been unfolded in this context is the safety measures the razor provides when used. 

According to the manufacturers, a vintage double edge razor is designed with an aim to offer clean and close shave with proper safety. However, they even exclaimed that this definitely has a secret. 

Do you know what’s the secret behind the advantages of vintage double edge razors? It is all about their mechanisms and the way they are designed. We have already talked about the mechanism in our other blog. And now it’s time to unfold the types of headpieces offered by this double edge razor.

5 Different Types Of Headpieces Associated With Vintage Double Edge Razor

  1. Closed comb: In this closed comb head design, there is a safe middle head projected between the mild safety bars and aggressive open combs.

    Before you wonder what is razor aggressiveness, we must tell you that this term refers to the space between the edge of the razor blade and the safety bar. The degree of close shaving is determined from this space. More space, the closer is the shaving.

    In this closed comb feature, the safety bar is exposed to protect the skin from accidental cuts. Additionally, it also offers a close shaving feature, thus making an ideal choice for men.

  2. Open comb: Open comb offers a high degree of razor aggressiveness, which in turn defines extremely close shave. Reason? In this open comb design, instead of the safety bars, the blades are exposed to cut down the facial hairs.

    Are you having an intense beard growth? In that case, open comb design will be an ideal choice to make. Although the double edge razor type is good in close shaving, you should be experienced enough before using it. A single mistake and you are blessed with an accidental cut.

    It is easy to shave a thick beard with this open comb. But make sure you are not in haste while doing it.

  3. Slant head: Slant head design as the name suggests has a bar attached to the handle in a slanting angle. What does this refer to? The razor will chop down your beard hear in an angular way, instead of cutting them down straightly. This what makes the blade much more efficient, unlike others. It requires hardly any pressure and offers a clean close shave with just a few passes.

    Why don’t you try out this vintage double edge razor blade? Maybe this will be extremely wonderful.

  4. Scalloped head: If you are looking for a replacement of a closed comb head, scalloped head razor type can be the perfect option. Scalloped head razor type comes with a slightly inclined head across the surface, rather than having a perfectly flat surface. This allows more blade to get exposed to the beard hair, trimming down your thick beard or giving you a close and clean shave.

    Hey, don’t confuse this with the aggressive nature of the razor blades. They are unlike the standard safety razor blades in the market. 

  5. Safety head: Coming to the safety bar, they are designed with a completely flat surface, guarding the face against accidental cuts and scratches. This what makes these razor blades a perfect choice for shaving. 

Take Away

All these headpieces mentioned above are designed with a safety bar, ensuring a safe and clean shave. No need to worry about any accidental cuts or nicks. You just need to enjoy shaving. 
Buy a vintage double edge razor from the market and have an impressive look to impress the audience.

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