5 Good To Go TikTok Updates In 2021 & Beyond

stop TikTok followers from dropping to an extent
stop TikTok followers from dropping to an extent

TikTok, the name has become like a chanting mantra and has become a new realm for other social media. The TikTok application has over 689 million users, while the U.S. usage population alone is over 100 million monthly active users. TikTok is owned by the Chinese company called ByteDance, which was initially called Musical.ly, later came to be known as TikTok. 

Finally, now it’s not the app used by Gen Z alone, but more millennials and older generations have fallen for this framework. TikTok is all about music and video delivery, where you can create authentic themes that match your taste and share with people worldwide. 

This blog article will discuss all the latest TikTok updates that will be useful in 2021 and the upcoming 2022.

TikTok Plans For E-Commerce Integration

TikTok is an essential channel for eCommerce because it is the best opportunity to reach a younger audience aged 16-24. And if you are planning to make TikTok a part of eCommerce marketing and stop TikTok followers from dropping to an extent – trying out the connection with younger audiences will be a great way to do eCommerce business. On the other hand, selling on TikTok offers online sellers to connect with Gen Z easily. 

TikTok plans for three new eCommerce integrations in order to reinvent social shopping, and they are as follows:

  • Online catalogs – Users on TikTok can use the online product catalogs. 
  • Livestream shopping – As a user, TikTok live will help you watch the video shop as the creator recommends the specific products. 
  • Shareable Product links – When a user shares a tie, there is the possibility that you will earn a commission on sales. 

These new features are currently in development, and they have been utilized by well-versed brands such as Shopify. TikTok has partnered up with Shopify to check some eCommerce features and run promotions on the TikTok feed. 

TikTok Works On Snapchat Style Story Feature

TikTok has implemented the story option by trialing new vanishing clips, similar to Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. This option is quite simple, where the TikTok stories will allow users to look at the contents by another account, by making them notice before they vanish in 24 hours. It is similar to the Whatsapp rollout features, where users post the videos and images that vanish after a time limit. 

Currently, TikTok is experimenting with the story feature seen in other apps like Snapchat to provide creators with additional formats by bringing creative ideas for the TikTok community. TikTok is the latest platform that has experimented with the newest story features as other apps do. The “View once” element specifies that the image is deleted as soon as the recipient opens it for the first time. 

TikTok Live Expands New Features

TikTok has announced plans to expand the Live platform, allowing creators to Livestream to fans, offering virtual gifts for responding to viewers’ comments and questions. The Live experience includes new features for creators to make them more competitive for Instagram app’s Live, which provides for going Live, hosting Q and A sessions, usage of moderators, and an improved keyword filter. 

According to TikTok, the select markets have access to the Live events, which helps schedule the upcoming Live sessions. However, creators can plan their affairs to build anticipation across the community, where fans can discover, register, and get reminders on when they are going Live on TikTok. 

TikTok’s Creator Portal

TikTok has now introduced a brand new educational platform by helping the dedicated TikTok content creators. However, any person can follow the working of the TiKTok creator portal, as it’s filled with a vast amount of content strategies, community building, and video creation tips. This is the best idea for collaborating with TikTok creators by sharing information and secrets on content creators. 

The TikTok creator portal homepage will guide you with six learning sections: foundations for success, community guidelines and safety, TikTok creation essentials, and getting paid to create. However, each unit includes articles that help educate on the most critical aspects of a specified topic.

First AR Effect For iPhone 12

Creating an appealing TikTok strategy will help your business in many ways, and you can consider the usage of trending sounds and effects. However, TikTok is constantly watching out to improve content creation, and they implemented the right AR technology in the platform. Here, TikTok developed a new AR effect and launched its first LiDAR-enabled AR effect for the iPhone-12. 

Some wonder what LiDAR technology means; it’s nothing but the exact working of radar and sonar, where you use light instead of using sound waves on TikTok. TikTok developers applied the new technology called LiDAR technology, where users can create an ultra-detailed 3D mapping through their mobile phones. 


Three years ago, TikTok was a platform used for entertainment purposes, but now, or not, it has become for all kinds of content serving Gen Xers, millennials, and older generations. 

More importantly, marketers, entrepreneurs, and even small businesses use TikTok to make sure to establish fame in a short time. As TikTok grows, there are a lot of signs that TikTok updates will grow this year. 

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