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You’re an artist, producer, music promoter and distributor with hot music posted on Spotify but the response from the listeners is not that appealing, you get a few streams per day, yet it shouldn’t be the case. Your music deserves, 100s or even 1000s of plays per day and you receive the royalties you deserve for the energy you put in.

Remember, Spotify pays the royalties for each stream and for reasonable amounts of royalties; the streams must be in 1000s per day and each play must exceed 90 seconds for it to counted and eligible for royalties, bearing in mind that there are more than 200 million active users.

Now, you have got the picture of how much you can get with more than100K streams per month but how do you get those streams? The answer is simple, just have to buy Spotify plays from real people so as to be eligible for royalties. Let me give you the major reasons why you as an artist, producer, and music distributor should buy Spotify plays.

Appear more successful

You as the artist, you appear more successful as your song is ranked higher in the search results and playlists. This gives you a great reputation and increases in popularity. Increase in popularity levels you up thus entitled to increased royalty rates with increased audience and exposure. 

Reach your anticipated fan base

Every day you receive unique listeners and the more listeners you receive the more chances of reaching your desired fans around the world. Remember, to maximize your fan base, don’t geo-restrict your song, let it be available globally. Make sure to interact with your fans and followers so as to retain them for a longer period of time.

Music popularity

You spend a lot of time and resources to come up with a nice track and so it will be pleasing for it to be popular globally. Buy Spotify plays, more listeners get to listen to your song and it will rank higher with increasing popularity hence music outreach.

 Social Credibility

Your social credibility will increase because you will have reached millions of listeners and so most of them would like to know you better and follow your work. They will follow you social media accounts also. 

Increased royalties

The more plays you buy the more royalties and your plays will be evenly distributed throughout the day. If you want to grow your monthly listeners, you may have to buy Spotify followers. Spotify doesn’t disclose precisely how its royalties system operates, so the amount you will earn is just an estimate. 

Stay calm the plays we deliver will be registered because each listener is guaranteed to listen for more than 90 seconds. That means your royalties are guaranteed.


Don’t worry about your account with Spotify, whether it will be banned or not because we take your privacy and security as number one priority and to your advantage so that your account is safe. All you deserve is promotion, popularity, and reputation.

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