Do you ever wonder about the processor working at a very slow pace and the computer gets cluttered? Yes, this happens because your PC is surrounded by junk and other harmful clutters. So, to scrap away all this, a PC cleaning software is required that elevates the performance of the computer as well as removes all the junk files. There are some of the best Windows 10 cleaners available that claim to be the best PC cleaning software and prevent being the best tools to clean the software for Windows 8 and 10. 

But, to make your work easier, here we have listed the best cleaning software that can be used by an individual to clean and fasten up the PC. All these PC cleaners are listed after taking help from computer support online and got the best cleaners for your PC, and to make it run faster.

Best PC cleaner for Windows 10 with top cleaning capabilities


CleanMyPC is the best PC cleaning software that is an all-in-one tool for the system that provides proper care to it. The software helps in managing the startup programs of the PC, perform multiple tasks, and remove invalid registered entries on the PC. Here are some of the features that make it the best PC cleaner for Windows 10 as well as 8-

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  •  The software deletes the internet browsing tracks from the computer.
  • CleanMyPC runs automatically in the background to clean up the junk files and keep the PC safe.
  • It provides a multi uninstaller that can uninstall several unwanted applications for the computer.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo is the best programming software to clean a computer with various optimization tools inbuilt within the software. It is free PC cleaner software that is provided by the developer to its users to offer an amazing range of features to remove junk files from the computer and maintain its performance. Some of the features are listed below-

  • It accompanies various system setting tools such as Font Manager and File Associator.
  • The software boasts service and manages the process to keep a Windows track of the services and processes.
  • It also includes an internet connection booster that boosts up the speed of the internet on the PC.

Avast Cleanup

If you are looking for the best Windows 10 cleaner today, then Avast Cleanup is here to solve your problems. The software is clutter-free and can be easily used with a great interface. Below are some of the features that make it the best cleanup for your PC that is currently available for the users.

  • It is one of the best cleaners used for Windows 10 that comes with a shortcut remover to clean the shortcuts.
  • The software also doubles up itself as a disk defragmenter.
  • Avast cleanup functions as a browser, disk, and registry cleaner.

Glary Utilities 5

Glary Utilities 5 is again simple and easy-to-use PC cleanup software for Windows 10 and it has several features in both its free and paid versions. Glary software includes a spyware monitor, browser add-on remover, and other functionalities. So, here are some of the necessary features of the software that is available free of cost.

  • The software comes with a range of tools to effectively work for the performance of the PC.
  • A tool is used to update the outdated software on the computer.
  • The broken registries are fixed using the repair tool of the software to clean the computer.


If you are looking for a PC that takes your commands within seconds, then SlimCleaner software is best for you. SlimCleaner lets your PC run fastly and reduces the response time of the device. It not only does this, but also cleans the junk files, and make the system perform better. Here are some features that give you more insight into how useful SlimCleaner is-

  • The software is used to remove unnecessary junk files and applications within minutes. 
  • There is also a unique power management system that is hosted by SlimCleaner that makes it easier to check the device’s battery performance. This also makes it the best cleaner for Windows 10.
  •  Badges are also provided by the cleaner for providing accurate information to the community of SlimCleaner.

So, now that you are aware of the best PC cleaner software for Windows 10 and 8, choose the one that suits you best, and is according to your preference. Do not forget to tell us which software you chose and why. If you find any difficulties using these you can also contact any online technical support company that can help you regarding your technical needs.

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