5 Features You Will Get in Smartphones of 2021

reset your Samsung Galaxy A30

We are already halfway through 2021 and the pandemic hasn’t slowed down much with its ever-evolving virus. But we are here to talk about our constantly evolving android technology. September 2020 gave us android 11 and it had some amazing features we all loved and much needed. But what about android 12?

reset your Samsung Galaxy A30

Android 12 – Beta Is Out!

Google has already released the first beta version of Android 12 to the public giving us a chance to recce the fresh new build of the OS. Android 12 according to what we already know is going to be the biggest revamp since the last few years. So, save some money to get an Android 12 smartphone when they release itin the market or if you have the hardware to upgrade your phone to Android 12 then you just need to wait.

Although the majority of us are currently using android 10 still waiting to upgrade it to android 11. If you are using Samsung, then reset your Samsung Galaxy A30 and upgrade it to android 11. Enjoy android 11’s brilliant features till android 12 is out for every one of us.

If you want to test the beta for yourself then you can download it on your phone only if it has the hardware to support it. If you have Google pixels then try the beta right now! But if you can’t test it yourself then read the article further to check out the features our smartphones will have with android 12 as their OS.

Announced & Confirmed Features of Android 12

Google was a little hesitant in giving out the details but some features have been officially confirmed. Apart from the announced features, there will be many more hidden features which are usually the true gems of any new OS. Let’s check out the features that we will most definitely be getting soon.


Previously leaked as Material Next, android 12 will have Material You, the next iteration of the design language which will be the biggest upgrade to be seen. Material You, as the name suggests is about the users and their input in design making it customizable. How cool is that?

We will be given a wide color palette that can be used to personalize the design. But color extraction isn’t the only thing that will be customizable. Apart from having personalized colored themes, you will be able to customize other design elements like element size, line width and so much more.

Imagine being able to customize the whole color theme of your OS depending on your home screen background. This way, each user can have their unique design element in their phone making it more personalized. The OS will automatically choose a color palette that goes with your current wallpaper design and this will be applied across all the elements like lock screen, notification panel, quick settings, etc. This is undoubtedly the biggest visual overhaul in years!

Quick Tiles

Do you see those round icons when you scroll down the notification panel? Android 12 won’t be sporting any round icons. Instead, we will have softly rounded rectangles and they will work the same way the round icons did.

Because of the change in shape, fewer tiles will be visible. Only 4 of them will be visible after the first scroll and six after the second. Wallpaper-based theme color will also be applied to these quick tiles making the design look even better.

Revamped Privacy

Android 12 will be sporting a privacy dashboard that will showcase an overview of all the apps that hadaccess to your phone’s camera, microphone as well device location. Apart from that the most important privacy and safety feature of android 12 will be the inclusion of indicators or notification to alert you whenever your phone’s camera and/or microphone is in use.

Another thing that we will get is that instead of sharing our precise location for apps that need location, we will be able to share our imprecise location. There will be many more privacy-centric features that Android 12 will be having though some of them may be limited to pixels in the beginning.

One-handed Mode

A feature inspired by IOS; it will make using your smartphone easier especially for those who have to use their phones constantly. Within the settings, all you have to do is activate the one-handed mode and swipe down anywhere at the base of the display which will bring the top half of the screen halfway or so, customizing the usage for one hand.

Gaming Mode

For all of you who are glued to your phone screening playing games, this one is for you. Android 12 will have a dedicated gaming mode and when you will turn it on, your phone will automatically go on Do Not Disturb mode.

To activate the game mode, go to notifications in the settings menu. In the notification’s menu, tap on Do Not Disturb and then on schedules. Turn on the game mode in the schedules menu and you will find different options such as displaying the current FPS, screen recording toggle, or live streaming on YouTube.

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