5 Crucial Tips to Make Your High Heels Comfortable

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The fact is that wearing high heels is not for everyone. Not every woman can master the art of walking in high stiletto heels. Sometimes, it can be very uncomfortable and may even lead to pain or blisters. We understand that there is nothing like feeling confident and having a big smile while wearing a new pair of heels. Thus, we have come up with some hacks to make your heels comfortable. You can use high heel protectors or opt for comfortable wedge heels instead of a stiletto.

Here are the best ways to get rid of uncomfortable heels.

Shorten the Height

If you like a pair of heels but know that it is a 5-inch stiletto that is going to hurt your feet, you need to get it shortened. Ideally, you should opt for a heel height of up to 3 inches or lower for a safer side. But if you fall in love with a heel of more than 3 inches, then you should visit a shoe cobbler to get it shortened up to two inches. You can easily reduce the height of your heels depending on the shoe type to make it comfortable. When you wear high heels that exceed 3 inches in height, it tends to change the biomechanics of your walk. As a result, it shifts your balance, and your feet change the walking pattern from heel-toe heel-toe to toe-heel toe-heel to keep you upright.

Buy the Right Heel

When you go out to buy heels for yourself, you need to be careful while picking the right one. There are various factors that you need to take into consideration before investing in your footwear. The most vital factors to consider are the size and shape. It goes without saying that your footwear should fit you well. If you have wide toes, pointed high heels can be an uncomfortable choice for you. Also, make sure to check the angle of the arch. Choose heels with a softer arch as they will be more comfortable. The arch of the heels should also align with your foot. Another thing to consider is the quality. The quality of your heels has a major role to play in how comfortable they will be. Opt for quality-driven heels made from breathable and good material to prevent blisters.

Consider the Thickness

Skinny heels look attractive, but they can also be uncomfortable and hard to balance. On the other hand, thicker heels are more comfortable to wear and provide more support. Also, their thickness gives better balance and more stability, which adds to your overall comfort. Along with the thickness of the heels, the thickness of the sole also matters. When the sole is thin, all the pressure falls on your foot. But a pair of heels with a thicker sole is much more relieving and comfortable. So, if you are not a regular heel wearer or do not have much experience of wearing heels, you should go for the thicker ones.

Use Heel Protectors

Walking on uneven ground while wearing stiletto heels can be a very difficult task. You may end up either breaking your heels or falling down. It can be a worse experience for you if you are wearing heels for the first time. Walking in heels is no less than art that requires expertise or practice. But you can avoid the trouble and make your heel more comfortable by using heel stoppers. They protect your heels from sinking into grass, sandy areas, sidewalk cracks, wood decks, and cobblestone. It doesn’t let you stumble upon the floor while walking on an uneven surface. Moreover, it also prevents damage to your beautiful heels. You can wear high heel protectors with any sort of stiletto shoe with a heel that fits you.

Go for Wedges or Platforms

The easiest solution is to pick wedges or platforms instead of stiletto heels. It is no secret that wedges offer more support for the arch of the foot. Therefore, the weight gets evenly distributed on the sole, which reduces the pain. Undoubtedly, they are more stable and comfortable than stilettos. If you have a busy day ahead requiring you to run all day, wedges make the best option any day. They are easier to walk in and also look great. Not only will they allow your weight to be evenly distributed, but they also will take some pressure off your pain points. Footwear with a platform also makes a perfect choice. Platforms will provide more support to your feet than a stiletto.


These are some proven tips to make your high heels comfortable. To elevate the comfort of your stiletto heels, shorten its height to 3 inches, invest in the right heel, consider the thickness of heels, and use heel stoppers. Instead of making these efforts, you can opt for wedges or platforms instead of stilettos. Furthermore, make sure to take care of your footwear. Buy decorative mirror, handmade flower pot, basket set and many more at Sol Le Luna. Surely the Shoes or heels in good condition ensure better support and more comfort. Moreover, it will also be wise to carry an anti-blister stick whenever you wear high heels.