5 Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

In the modern era of the construction industry, there are a handful of challenges that have emerged. Now, more than ever before it seems difficult to carry out construction work and still do it in a safe and sustainable manner. However, with the rise of modern technology, there is great hope that the construction industry can continue to thrive in a far more optimal, eco-friendly, and overall safe environment. What are some of the emerging trends to keep track of in 2022?

Higher safety standards

At the core of every successful construction business are the workers themselves. So, one of the key aspects to focus on in the upcoming period is definitely worker safety. For example, in major cities where construction is in high demand, there is a new tendency to see services like crane hire in Sydney,which come with dependable rigs and quality workmanship. It is incredibly easy to skimp on labor costs by not investing sufficient funds into high-quality equipment and maintenance, which only ensures safety.

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Modern technologies can also help to a good extent. For instance, VR helps in worker training and AI can predict workplace hazards, using statistics. In addition, using good Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as safety vests, shoes, and helmets has also proved to be a key factor for working safely. The combination of both technology and PPE is soon becoming the gold standard for ensuring safety. Now, it is possible to embed Internet of Things technology (IoT) into PPE, which enables the monitoring of workers’ health on the move using dedicated sensors. The best part of all is that this can be done remotely and in real-time.


There are many women out there who want to contribute to the construction industry, who are very well capable of it. However, it has always been extremely difficult for them since there is no standardized equipment for women. In most cases, the standard-issue equipment doesn’t fit their size. This is a far too simple factor not to be solved so that everyone can bring their best work regardless of their gender. Solving this technical issue can introduce a change in the positive direction to include women in pursuing a career as a craft professional. This further leads to generating new ideas and a general rejuvenation of the workforce in construction.


A construction site is, by all means, a hectic place. As a result of this, it is common to encounter additional expenses and efforts to keep everything running as organized as possible. It is quite difficult to organize such a complex environment with the bulk of the work relying on the human factor. It is difficult enough to carry out the heavy physical labor, let alone make everything as effective and optimal as possible. One big solution to this problem has recently been introduced through IoT technology, which relies on powerful and precise sensors and other monitoring devices which are embedded in the construction equipment itself. This allows everything to be connected and monitored, from the heavy machinery to the workers’ personal equipment. This not only ensures higher safety standards but also saves time and money in the long run.

3D printed solutions

3D printing has emerged as somewhat of a hobby initially but has now evolved into a widely accepted tool in the world of construction. It is estimated to be one of the top construction market trends for 2022. The key principle of 3D printing is the cost-efficient and lightweight approach to building almost anything with computer precision. It is quite common to see entire 3D printed neighborhoods and the latest developments are soon to allow widespread printing of even asphalt.

Greener building

The interest for sustainability has risen drastically as it is now at the top of the public interest. Construction work has completely oriented itself toward a better and greener world. That is why there is a surge in the demand for sustainably sourced materials and building protocols that do not generate a carbon footprint. The new green building ideology includes all phases from pre-construction planning to the very end of the project and decommissioning. However, the goal is not only to make an environmentally friendly building protocol but also to create a building that is sustainable and allows further energy saving and optimal resource utilization.

There is no doubt that construction has faced numerous difficulties in these pandemic-ridden times. However, this difficult period has served as a wonderful catalyst to challenge what the optimal construction standard should look like. A better, greener, and safer construction industry will surely develop out of this, if certain trends are kept in mind first, such as being more inclusive, promoting higher safety standards, automating work, and relying on 3D printing all while offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly work protocol.