5 Apps That Can Stop You From Procrastinating

procrastinating apps

Procrastinating might as well be declared as a national threat because it is most definitely our worst enemy. You need a lot of will power to stop yourself from scrolling Instagram the whole day or even just opening to check for a new text message.

But fortunately, there are a few applications that are designed to stop us from falling back to those same old habits.

So here’s a list of applications that can help you from procrastinating:

1. Beeminder

Beeminder is one of the best apps on the market to help you accomplish your goals. Why it works so well is because you have to pledge a certain amount of money before you set your goals. Whenever you fail to complete your task, you’ll lose a certain amount of money.

If there’s something you have been holding off on doing for a long time. this is a great way to make sure you do it.

 2. Freedom

Freedom is a which helps you block all your distractions. If there’s some task your holding off but cannot stay away from addicting sites and apps like Instagram or youtube, then Freedom will block your phone from using those applications. This application is available on Chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. This is an amazing way to help you fight your demons and stay productive throughout the day. So download this application and see your productivity shoot up.

3. Evernote

One of the best improve your productivity is to keep track of things. I have found that writing my daily tasks before the day starts helps me prioritize my goals. This does the same thing but in a more tech-savvy way. Evernote helps organize and keep track of al your tasks on the phone or the PC. The other advantage of this application is that it sync with all your devices flawlessly. This helps in tracking you’re priorities in hassle free way.

4 Coach.me

Many times the reason for procrastinating on something is because you find that task difficult or you haven’t understood how to counter it effectively. Coach.me is ann application which helps you find professional coaches and teaches who will help you with a wide range of topics. This app will help clear your doubts instantly and help you get back on your path again.  The app offers services from working out to learning a new skillset.

5. The most dangerous writing app

This peculiarly named app is exactly what it names itself to be. If you take a lot of time writing your assignment papers or articles, then this app is the right thing for you. The application works in a way that you learn to write more efficiently. This application will delete your whole progress if you stop writing for even a few seconds. That way, it always keeps you on your toes and stays behind you to finish what you started. The app is also a great way your improve the writing speed.

Even though there are thousands of apps on the internet to save you from procrastinating, the last choice will always come to you. So make sure you convince yourself, that you will stick to these apps no matter what and stay true to your goals.

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