How Long Does It Take For 482 Visa Processing After Nomination Approval?  

482 visa

Australia is a country with plenty of career opportunities for ambitious professionals from all over the world. Every year, thousands of international citizens try to migrate to the country.

Excel Migration is one of the most reputed migration agents in Melbourne who can help with their visa application process. However, the visa approval process takes some time. Let’s look at some of the most popular visas and the timeline of their approval in Australia. 

 Popular Visas in Australia 

There are various types of visas available for foreign nationals who wish to enter and stay in Australia. Some of these include student visas, working holiday visas, global talent visas, skilled independent visas, business innovation and investment visas, skilled nominated visas, and many more. 

However, one of the most popular visa types for Australia is employer sponsored visas. Companies may sponsor this visa for international employees who need to move into Australia. It is possible for employers to sponsor permanent resident visa for employees who want to shift permanently to Australia. 

Most common employer-sponsored visas in Australia: 

  • 482 visa: This is a temporary skills shortage visa
  • 494 visa: This is an employer-sponsored skilled regional visa 
  • 186 visa: This is the employer nominated scheme for permanent residency 
  • 187 visa: This is an employer-sponsored regional migration scheme for permanent residency 

Moreover, there are several subtypes for many of these visas. The approval time for each subtype may differ slightly. 

The Australian government is very strict when it comes to the visa application and approval process. Out of the thousands of visa applications that are submitted every single day, only a limited number get approval. 

With Excel Migration, aspiring migrants can get a practical look into their chances of getting approved for particular visas like the 482 visa in Melbourne or the 494 visa. Their licensed migration agents help clients determine the category of visa they can apply for and successfully sail through the visa process. 

The immense amount of paperwork that needs to be provided for this can be overwhelming. However, visa agents and immigration lawyers are trained professionals who offer accurate information and take up plenty of other formalities that the process entails. This drastically increases the chances of a visa applicant’s success. 

Visa agencies such as Excel Migration work as an intermediary between the aspiring migrant and the Australian government to execute the visa approval process. Excel Migration agents are MARA certified (Migration Agents Registration Authority), so clients can rest assured that the best industry processes are followed to give their visa application the maximum chances of success. Their comprehensive migration service also includes visa and immigration consultancy for permanent residency applications.  

Approval Time For Employer Sponsored Visas In Australia 

MARA registered licensed migration agents like Excel Migration have the experience of working with a wide variety of clients over years. Here is the general pattern for the visa approval process:

  • 482 visa:
    • 482 short term scheme: This visa generally takes around 5 to 7 months for approval 
    • 482 medium and long term scheme: Approval time varies between 4 to 7 months 
    • 482 labour agreement scheme: This also typically requires 4 to 7 months for approval 
  • 494 visa: It is sanctioned within 5 to 8 months of sending in the application 
  • 186 visa:
    • 186 direct entry: 5 to 6 months is the typical approval timeline 
    • 186 temporary residence transition: 5 to 9 months is the time taken to process and approve these visas 
    • 186 labour agreement: This visa takes longer to get approved, anywhere between 8 to 15 months from filing the application 
  • 187 visa:
    • 187 direct entry: It takes anywhere between 12 months to 32 months for approval 
    • 187 temporary residence transition: This type has a faster approval timeline between 6 to 9 months 

It’s important to note that these are just general patterns. Any experienced migration agent understands that the visa application process and its approval is a very personalised process that depends on a variety of factors. 

For employer-sponsored visas, the specific skill the employee is nominated for becomes extremely important for the success rate and approval timeline of applications. 

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) lists 18 specific professions in its list of priority migration skills. Visa applicants who fall under the category of any of these 18 skills have a much higher chance of being approved for work visas and permanent residency. 

The full list is available on the official website of the DOHA. Some of the professionals listed are nurses, software engineers, psychiatrists, mechanical engineers, midwives, medical practitioners and more. 

Australia is a beautiful country with a growing economy. It is the perfect place to explore and build a new life for many applicants. The government is very careful in selecting which individuals will get the chance to do so. 

So, if you want to give your visa application the best chance for success, then contact a reputed migration consultancy agency like Excel Migration. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, they provide affordable and transparent visa services.