4 ways to style a Basic T-shirt:

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T-shirts are the most humble and versatile clothing item. Every man and woman must have 5-6 T-shirts, hanging at the back of their wardrobe. Tee’s are must-have clothing items for those who want to spend hours dressing up. T-shirts come in different shapes, styles, and prints. You can find round neck t-shirts, crew neck T-shirts, long sleeve tees and short sleeve Tees, etc. but having a plain round neck T-shirt is a must. 

Plain T-shirts come in hundreds of colors, but in this article, I am going to talk about A Round neck White Plain T-shirt. This tee might seem most minimalist and simple but trust me you can create several different looks while using a simple plain T-shirt. 

Many big brands offer a huge variety of T-shirts. But if you’re looking for some durable, fine quality shirts that too at a reasonable price then there is only one brand i.e Vlone Official.  

Vlone offers a huge range of men’s and women’s T-shirts. These tees are not only stylish and unique but they are pocket friendly too. Buy a Basic t-shirt from vlone and follow the best style ideas given below. 

Wear it with a high waisted Jeans: 

Ladies love to wear jeans and simple tee shirts on casual occasions. I have seen many big celebrities including Kendall Jenner who wears a simple Tee and jeans while she steps out of her home. It’s a perfect casual look for casual events like shopping while traveling and hanging out with friends. To add a little more style to this look, I would suggest you all tuck in a plain T-shirt with high waisted jeans. 

High waisted jeans are stylish, casual, and easy to wear. These jeans are in fashion for the past few years and they look great on women of every age. 

Pairing up high waisted jeans with a plain Tee is a perfect idea for the days when you are in the mood of spending hours dressing up. 

Add some small accessories to make this look even more stylish. Like carrying a stylish handbag, wearing a good necklace, trying on high heels, etc. 

Layer it under a lace tank top: 

A Plain white tee is one of the best clothing items for layering up. You can wear it underneath many clothing items to create different casual and stylish looks. A lace tank top is one of them. Wearing a lace tank top above a plain T-shirt adds so much extra charm to even your simple look. This is the most casual look that is perfect for casual parties and gatherings. You can also create this look for the airport while travelling. Wear it with ripped high waist jeans to complete this look. 

You just need 3 items to create this look and impress everyone around with your style sense. As a cherry on top, you can use any accessory, like sunglasses, a round hat (if sunny), a popping color handbag, or a wristwatch. 

Try it with ladylike Skirts: 

Skirts are my favorite, they are lightweight and the most stylish clothing items. If you have a skirt in your wardrobe that you haven’t used in ages, then it’s the right time to take it out and pair it up with a plain white t-shirt. I would suggest going for a popping color skirt and a plain tee. It’s a casual look that is perfect for casual parties and dinner. Skirts and T-shirts look great for beach parties as well. 

Add on some small accessories to complete this look, use a round hat, a necklace, or sunglasses. 

T-shirt under a tracksuit: 

There are days when you don’t want to dress up. All you want to do is to lay down on your couch or have coffee time with your friends. For these kinds of days, a tracksuit is a perfect choice. A plain white T-shirt underneath a tracksuit is not a bad idea. This is the most comfortable and most casual look for lazy days. 

You can create this look for groceries, walking, jogging, and gyming as well. 


So here are the top 4 ways to style a basic T-shirt. A simple plain white T-shirt is clothing essential for both men and women. As both of them can style it in several ways. So grab a plain White t-shirt right away as vlone offers a new variety of T-shirts for both genders. 

How many plain T-shirts do you have in your wardrobe and how do you style them? Ladies feel free to share your styling ideas with us in the comment section below. 

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