4 Ways To Secure Your Computer

secure your computer

4 ways to secure your computer from hackers and from an unknown accident that can harm your computer or PC. If you are using your computer to do work or to complete any tasks then you have to keep it or its contents more secure and safe.

Because there are many chances that anyone can threat your personal or financial data or content from your laptop or computer.

In a decade before, laptop and smartphone are essential for human beings. We use such things at our house and at the place of work and there are many smartphones present in our house.

Nowadays, the smartphone becomes very much advanced and it is basically a computer. And people’s are using the computer on a daily basis and they are unprotected from hackers and cybercriminals.

Computer security is very much important because there are numbers of threat is taking place on a daily basis. One of the most popular threat is a malicious attack by hackers to steal your data.

If you don’t protect your laptop than hackers can very easily steal your data and your computer can’t do anything. Because they can affect any type of computers such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS or smartphone.

Many of the people don’t have time or they are not interested to secure their laptop. But you have to follow the 4 ways which are given below the paragraph that can protect your computer.

1. Update Your Software And System Security

Update your system and software security because it is very much important and it is the initial step to protect your laptop from hackers.

System security is not adding extra features but it is protecting your PC from hackers. The providers of operating software or system are knowing about the problems that can give way to hackers to harm your laptop.

If an update is available for your operating system or software then you will get the notification. If you want to update the operating system then you can update it or you also have the choice to update it at a later time.

You also have to update your all software not only your operating system. Because updating the software is also very much important to protect your PC from hackers.

Whenever any update available regarding your software then you get the notification on the top of your laptop screen.

Then immediately update the software because it can’t take too much time to update. Sometimes many of the software startup companies are providing apps which are not released and it can dangerous for your PC.

This software is unstable which means that you have to use this software on your risk. Because stable software is safe and secured and if there are any bugs present in it then it can be fixed in a day.

An important thing is a fake update which can affect your PC and these updates are created by hackers to harm your PC. Hence, don’t go for fake update and update your software and operating system whenever available.

2. Change Your Browser Settings

In many of the browsers, when you browse you can easily change the settings regarding security and privacy. While doing this, you have very less risk regarding the malware and virus.

And hackers can’t attack your laptop and malware don’t affect your laptop. Some browsers also block the cookies of website and this website can’t track your activity.

Hence, many of the settings are disabled by default in the browser only you have to change these settings whenever you browse. And it is very much easy to change the settings of the browser and it can’t take too much time.

Many of the browsers are giving detailed information to help you and this browser are Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox, etc.

You can easily use this browser with additional protection anti-tracking browsers extensions such as uBlock Origin and Disconnect.

If you want more privacy then you have to install privacy-focused software such as Comodo Dragon, TorBrowser and Epic Privacy Browser.

3. Use A VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a good way to increase your security and protect your device when you browsing online. VPN can hide your IP address by replacing with a different IP address and your ISP can’t monitor your activity.

When you use the VPN then all your internet activity will be encrypted and your location will be changed with the help of the intermediary server.

With the help of a VPN, you can select the server location as per your need and you can also unblock the locked content and your internet speed will be increased automatically.

VPN also helps you to browse securely when you are using the wifi network. Many of the VPN providers are giving free services but many of them are charging some amount which is very much low starting from $2.99.

The free VPN has limited features but paid one has many features and some paid VPN providers are giving the free trial with full features.

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4. Download Antivirus

When your computer is connected to the internet then there are many chances of the addition of the viruses and threats takes place.

Threats are ransomware, malware and Trojan attacks. The antivirus software can help you to protect your PC from these threats and hackers.

There two types of antivirus software are available on the internet first one is free in which limited features is available. And the second one is paid antivirus software in which numbers of features is available.

Bitdefender is good and popular antivirus software that can help you a lot and also protect your PC from viruses and hackers. And don’t forget an important thing that updates your antivirus application whenever available.

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