4 Interesting Tasks Plex Users Can Perform Without Having Plex Pass

plex G drive

Having tons of locally downloaded media files? The Plex software is what everyone recommends.

Although multiple other media servers like Emby, Kodi, etc are available here. But experiencing Plex is like beyond your imagination.

Plex offers you an easy setup perfect for the beginners, compatibility with any operating system, and streaming features on any device. Maybe this is the primary reason why people felt Plex to be more effective than other media servers.

The best thing about Plex is you can have both a free and paid versions. The Plex subscription comes with Plex Pass and Plex G Drive features, whereas, the unpaid server devoid of all such additional features.

Now the question is – Is it really need to have Plex Pass subscription to experience the best service?

For you, we have listed down the tasks that a Plex user can easily perform without even paying a single buck.

Let’s have a look.

4 Primary Things to Perform Using Plex Media Server

  1. Remote access and streaming media files: By definition, Plex is a remote server that is used for streaming media files. This allows the users to stream the media files from anywhere, anytime. But make sure you have the Plex app installed on your device.

  2. Mobile support: The Plex app is compatible with mobile devices as well. But for this, there is no need to spend on Plex Pass and get access to additional features like Plex G Drive.

    You can use this on mobile freely, but there are certain limitations. All your videos and music files will have a minute of playback and all your photos will be watermarked. However, with the Plex Pass subscription such restrictions can be avoided.

  3. Ability to share media libraries: The free version of Plex allows you to share your media libraries with others, letting others learn about this media server. They may not be in the same zone or network, but they can access your files and have a good experience. You don’t need to a single buck of investment for this.

  4. Access non-mobile Plex apps: Not just the mobile apps, but the Plex free version even allows you to access the non-mobile Plex apps as well. These include the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Play Station, and even smart TVs.

    Therefore, those who are using local network or dongle for streaming media files while on the go, can blindly trust on this free version to access the necessary features. Are you performing the same? You definitely don’t need any Plex pass subscription.

Final Thoughts

The unpaid version of Plex thus has a lot of features that can meet your needs to a great extent. For this, you actually don’t need to pay a premium for it.

However, with the subscription of Plex pass and accessing the Plex G Drive service you can avail its additional features that can serve your additional needs. Now, this is absolutely up to you which one do you want to access.

Choose the best media hosting service partner and stream your files online.

Happy streaming!

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