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360-degree streaming is one of the newest and most innovative variations of live streaming. With the assistance of virtual reality equipment, 360-degree webcasting simulates an altered view around the user, resulting in a different perception of the environment around the user. The advancements in this technology have allowed 36o streaming solutions to be used for so many other purposes than just entertainment.

Before you utilize VR streaming or VR webcasting for your purposes, the following points must be kept in mind:

Choosing The Right Content For 360-Degree Live Streaming

Viewers who insist a 360-degree video is the neatest thing they’ve ever seen, and producers from service provider agencies who worry it doesn’t look good, appear to be in conflict right now. There is a middle ground here, which is to use 360-degree streaming solutions and VR webcasting only when they are necessary to enhance the user’s experience rather than merely following the trends.

The form of content is currently transitioning from inserting a 360° camera in a setting to producing a good piece of content primarily centered around the camera, and therefore the viewer. We don’t just select a situation to make a 360-degree stream; we develop an environment in which the viewer’s eyes or the camera will be at ease.

When it comes to VR streaming and 360-degree videos, you must shoot correctly from the start to ensure that the viewer receives the best possible live experience. It may be necessary to use multiple cameras to capture a larger and more detailed area.

With a multi-camera shoot, you can vary the focus on different subjects of your 360-degree video stream, captured by different cameras. An entire 360-degree webcasting experience can be created by combining such footage.

360-Degree vs. VR Video Streaming

360 and VR videos are often used interchangeably to describe immersive streaming. Although technically they are different, there is a significant difference between them. When VR is fully implemented, users can move around in an artificial environment, interact with objects within, and function as they normally would in the real world. The 360-degree video refers to a recording in all directions at the same time. 360-degree streaming is limited by the fact that you cannot change the camera’s position, it is determined by the person who recorded the video.

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The world of video streaming is embarking on a new frontier when it comes to immersive videos or 360-degree videos.

360-Degree Video Streaming – The New Frontier

As streaming technology continues to evolve and improve, 360 degree live streaming is emerging as a new frontier in live video streaming. These 360-degree videos can also generate a high amount of traffic, more positive responses from customers, and engagement for your live streams.

Advantages of 360-Degree Live Webcasting

Although 360 video content has matured over the years, streaming that content has many advantages when compared with the traditional model of storing the video offline and playing it back when the device is connected to the internet. A virtual reality webcast is a great way to solve many of the problems that face people currently when consuming 360-degree video content as they are used to consuming it traditionally.

The following are some of the benefits of using 360-degree live-streaming solutions:

  • When it comes to 360-degree video content, virtual reality streaming services solve the primary problem of storage, which can be a problem if the content is in high resolution. Viewers can now access a huge library of content instantly from anywhere in the world by streaming the content instead of saving it locally!
  • Even when streaming high-quality 360-degree video content, virtual reality streaming and webcasting services require only a few seconds of buffering. Streaming video content to a VR device is almost seamless when the internet connection is fast enough.
  • VR live streaming services provide a variety of engagement features that keep audiences engaged with the live stream and allow them to connect with the streamer and the content on a more personal level.
  • Live web streaming solutions in the VR streaming industry are using the unique features of the medium to improve the viewing experience of the audience and provide an even more immersive experience for them. Virtual reality streaming prospects are practically limitless because of how versatile VR is!

Mobile Virtual Reality

Virtual reality equipment used to be extremely expensive and limited in its application in the early days of the technology. As an example, the early virtual reality goggles required the use of a gaming computer to function optimally. Nowadays, virtual reality devices are becoming more mobile, and the hardware is powerful enough that the device does not require any additional components. As the mobile VR market grows and becomes mainstream in the coming years, the entire technology is becoming more consumer-friendly, with concepts like VR 360-degree live webcasting becoming a byproduct of the efforts being made to make the technology consumer-friendly.

How To Choose the Best 360 Degree Live Streaming App:

  • Look for a feature-rich app: When choosing a 360-degree live streaming app, look for one that offers a variety of features. Features like multiple camera angles, 360-degree editing, interactive overlays, and the ability to stream to multiple platforms are important for creating immersive experiences.
  • Check for compatibility: Make sure any app you choose is compatible with the equipment you’ll be using, such as cameras, encoders, and streaming services. 
  • Consider cost: Many 360 degree live streaming apps offer both free and paid versions.  Consider what features you need and if the cost is worth it. 
  • Look for customer support: Make sure the app you choose offers customer support in case you run into any technical issues. 5. Ensure easy setup: The last thing you want when setting up a live stream is a complicated setup process. Look for an app that makes it easy to get up and running quickly.

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