What are the 3 Things that Matter while Choosing Student Accommodation Abroad

student accommodation

Student should pay heed to the essentials that matters the most in student accommodation search. The location of the property, types of accommodation available, and the room types should form the basis of the search for student accommodations abroad. 

Overseas accommodation hunt can be a tedious task for students willing to settle down abroad. Universities find it difficult to accommodate students as the number of enrollments are on the rise. In such a scenario, students search for private accommodations. The good news is, that there are purpose-built student accommodation that stand true to the expectations of a student living in a new city. Many things matter, even before the quest of accommodation search begins and students should give importance to the budget they have planned, types of accommodation they desire, the rooms to stay in, and how close is the property from their university campus.  

The student accommodation search should depend on the above mentioned parameters and the details of these are enumerated below.   


The budget should be the key concern while opting for suitable accommodations abroad. One has to set the budget, after looking into the consumer price index of the country. For example- The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) uses its inflation chart and puts to use the selective living cost indexes (SLCIs) to ascertain the cost of living under various categories. As per estimates by trading economics, “The consumer price index in Australia shows a rising trend with estimates made on housing expenses which is an approximate of  22.3 percent.” The rent of student accommodation in Toronto ranges between C$315/week to C$360/week usually, but may cost more depending on the facilities offered.  Similarly, every country has its consumer price index that estimates the cost of living of that place. This makes it easy for students to decide on the budget and plan their stay.   

Types of Accommodation

When a student decides to study abroad, he has the option of staying either in campus halls or choose private alternatives situated off campus. Also termed as a halls of residence for students, campus hall accommodations and their availability is totally based on first-come-first serve basis. Students also have the option of living independently in private purpose-built student accommodations (PBSAs). While making their choice, students should bear in mind, the limited possibility of getting a room in campus halls as the bookings fill very fast and, therefore, should have information about other suitable living alternatives.   

Types of Rooms

When it comes tostudent accommodation search, students can choose to live independently in a private apartment, studio or share living spaces. Such accommodations are easier on the pocket and is an affordable way of living on a budget. The properties offer rooms with communal spaces that help foster a sense of community among fellow residents. Students should base their choice on whether to live in en-suite rooms that are private rooms with an attached bathroom or opt for studio rooms which are private, self-contained units that comes with an en-suite bathroom and open kitchen areas.    

The aforementioned points are the things that matter, when a student is in the quest for overseas student accommodation hunt. These should help students plan accordingly to speed up the accommodation search. Students, can therefore make the right decision as student life should be less hassled to ensure a homely environment even when staying away from home in abroad.  

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