24 Popular Memes on the Internet Explained

24 Popular Memes on the Internet Explained

With the use of the internet increasing, it has become common for people to talk about different topics. It may be a contentious topic, unusual subjects or simply, mock other people actions. Creating meme’s is one of the ways that people all over the world are doing this. The memes are based on something minor that takes place in our everyday lives or something major. These could be rude, funny, awakening, or mostly funny! Here are a few memes over the years that have gained considerable popularity because of its humor and criticism:

The Uganda Knuckles

An illustration of an animation character “Knuckles from Sonic franchise” was nicknamed as Ugandan Knuckles. It was done by YouTuber Gregzilla. This character is seen in different games. VRChat, where the players’ symbols are seen rehashing the expression. The character is responsible for observation in poor taste. This is due to its purportedly advances ethnic and racial generalizations against Africans. 

Fantasy Painting Object Labeling 

The image rotates around naming fantasy oil canvases where one entity, the smaller entertainer in the image does not stand an opportunity against the other entertainer. 

Connect Four 

The Connect Four is a tabletop game made by Milton Bradley and Hasbro. The illustrations of the container’s cover art are transformed to make rather nonsensical recreations. 

The Tide Pod Challenge 

The tide pod challenge was everywhere throughout the Internet because of the clothing cleanser capsules, Tide PODS which are contrasted with various organic product enhanced snack foods due to the appearance and bundling of the detergent capsule.  

Someone Toucha My Spaghet 

This meme rose up out of a vivified animation series “The Three Bears” from 1939. The character said this line, which later got a lot of attention and consideration and brought about a series of remixes. 

Ajit Pai Versus Net Neutrality

The series of the meme has turned out when Ajit Pai, the present Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission turned out supporting the nullification of guidelines guaranteeing the assurance of net neutrality. The thought was in corporate intrigue and it has to face criticism by various images calling Ajit Pai eager for money. 

Logan Paul in Suicide Forest

In late December, Logan Paul launched the Suicide Forest Video on YouTube where he finds a dead body Aokigahara woods in the Chūbu district of Honshu in Japan. He was vigorously condemned for misusing suicide as misleading content. 

Yet, Can You Do This?!! 

This is a comical statement articulated by YouTuber Pewdiepie. While he was boasting about the leaning back capacities of his PewDiePie Edition. On the other hand, gaming seat released by the organization Clutch Chairz. The statement is utilized against the fans deriding the high-value purpose of the seat. 

 Distracted Boyfriend 

This meme is photoshopped photos of a man glancing back at a woman going by while another woman, presumably his partner, looks disgusted by his attitude. The source picture is taken by photographic artist Antonion Guillema, which is accessible on the stock photograph database iStock. 

The SpongeBob Mocking Meme 

Otherwise called SpongMock, this image is frequently used to establish a taunting tone, which is upheld up with mixed-use of capitalized, and lowercase letters. 

Expanding Brain 

Otherwise, called Galaxy Brain is a multi-board image contrasting Brains with different factors. In spite of the fact that it is utilized to look at intellectual predominance, it is frequently utilized incidentally to suggest the inverse. 

Salt Bae 

The Turkish gourmet specialist Nusret Gökçe turned into a web sensation on letting out his culinary abilities where he cheerfully sprinkles salt over a cut stake. 

Monkey Haircut 

The image wound up shocking because of the video of the youthful macaque monkey, which shuts its eyes while accepting a hairstyle. It has since generated different photoshopped pictures where the monkey is superimposed over different pictures. 

Cash me Outside

13-year-old Danielle Bregoli articulated the expression “Catch me outside, what about that?” on a scene of The Dr. Phil Show. She provokes the show’s audience to a battle utilizing a thick accent. 

IT Pennywise 

In Stephen King’s IT, a young man named Georgie pursues his paper boat into a sewer channel where, according to reflective essay writing services, he was enticed by Pennywise the joker. 

Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Selfie Kid 

The image developed after the Super Bowl Halftime Show when pop vocalist Justin Timberlake went into the group and remained by the kid and took a selfie. This prompted a progression of images envisioning what he may be looking at. 

I’m Something of a Scientist Myself 

This is a vital discourse cited by the character Norman Osborn played by Willem Dafoe. In the superhuman, film Spider-Man in 2002. 

Is Your Child Texting About 

This is a phrasal format created to parody news reports with respect to mystery content informing codes utilized by young people. The formats comprise of rather honest shortened forms encoded into controversial subjects. 

SpongeGar/Primitive Sponge/Caveman Spongebob 

A picture of the character from SpongeBob Squarepants’ Primate Sponge wearing an irate face is getting mainstream in numerous memes examining disturbing scenes from day by day life. 


The expression “Trigger” alludes to an incitement summoning the memory of a horrendous mishap or scene. The term is most regularly comes in the utilization process concerning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Definitely, Science! 

Risen up out of the well-known TV dramatization “The Breaking Bad.” Character Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul articulated “Better believe it science!” in Season 1 Episode 7. 

My Bike Got Stolen Recently 

The meme popularly known as Bike Cuck is an Owl Turd webcomic where a kid finds his bicycle is missing yet feels better subsequent to thinking about that the thief is glad to have it. It was criticized and mocked for the oversimplified attitude toward the situation. 

Roll Safe 

This meme is a screen capture of entertainer Kayode Ewumi grinning while at the same time indicating his temple. He is depicting character Reece Simpson also known as “Move Safe”, in the web series Hood Documentary. The inscriptions are regularly ridiculing poor basic choices and terrible decisions. 

White Guy Blinking 

Otherwise called Drew Scanlon Reaction. This was a video clasp of Drew Scanlon who is a video proofreader and podcaster at computer game site Giant Bomb. This image is used to describe someone’s reaction when being insulted.


By wrapping up the information, the above-mentioned names are twenty-four of the popular and famous memes that have been explained for those people who still do not what they mean and why they are used. Also, some college essay writing services are using these memes to make more creative and increase as well.

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