Top Review: The New Adventures Of Aladdin (2019)


This is a famous adventure and fantasy film. This film was directed by Glenn Cambell. Glenn Cambell and Tammy Klein are also the writers of this gorgeous film. The producers of this adventure film are James Thomas, David Michael Latt, Tammy Klein, David Rimawi and Paul Bales. The music of this film is composed by Mikel Sahne Prather and Eliza Swenson. The editor of the film is Rob Pallatina and caste by Scotty Mullen. This is an English film and 87 minutes are its running time and it was released in the UK on 13 May 2019. It is one of the fifth highest-grossing films it grosses 1 billion dollars worldwide.

Adventures of Aladdin (2019) are based on the magic lamp. The story starts when the street young poor boy steals a magic lamp from Wizard for releasing the genie. But after he changes himself in a prince for impressing a beautiful princess. Adventures of Aladdin English subtitles are also available for understanding the movie. The princess in this fantasy film is Lucia Dimitra Xypteras that was the daughter of Sultan. After the death of the Sultan, she takes her father’s heritage and faces many troubles for Sultan’s Minister. Aladdin falls on the princess and then Aladdin and the genie decide to help the princess and ensures to save his realm.

In this film, Aladdin is a street boy who is performing for his spare money and food until he falls on a new sultana princess (The daughter of Sultan). He hit upon the idea to find a magic lamp for showing his skills. At that time, Vizier Maghreb waits that when he became sultan because he was angry that he could not become a sultan after the death of Sultan and the sultan’s daughter became Sultana. But when Aladdin finds out the lamp genie releases and asked him for desire. He tells that he wants to change himself into a prince for impressing a beautiful princess. Genie filled with riddles and he is not limited to the number of wishes granted.

In this film many characters performing their interesting duties. Adam Hillick performing the Aladdin role who is playing a solid role throughout the film. Lucia Xypteras is playing the princess role who is very strong for playing Jasmine’s role. While Daniel O’Reilly captured a figure of Villains for doing evils. Tionne Williams is also a very famous and interesting character in this adventure film.

Adventures of Aladdin is a live-action adaption of Walt Disney’s production of Asylum. The film executes a piece for home and audience. Adventure of Aladdin is an almost unendurable film released by B-movie Company. The Film Adventures of Aladdin (2019) subtitles are accessible in easier ways.  Aladdin only wants to get a magic lamp for showing its skills but the Genie whose find from the bottle brings his desire to change into a prince in the process of winning the heart of the princess. The interplay between Genie and Aladdin is the most enjoyable scene in the film. It was an amazing production with style and flair. 

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