Alcala de Henares

Known for having a university tradition, Alcalá-de-Henares lies in central Spain which is at the

Northeast of Madrid. The city houses the Complutense University, originally founded by  Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros and is also host to the prestigious University of Alcala. With large number of enrollments each year, Alcala-de-Henares is a popular city with international students thronging the campus and looking for affordable accommodation options. Here are two main reasons why Alcala-de-Henares is an ideal study destination for students pursuing higher degrees.  

The University of Alcala

It is no doubt that the City Alcala-de-Henares is a dream city for international students pursuing higher education, especially when it comes to studying at the world renowned University of Alcala. Students settled in the city and staying in student accommodation alcala-de-henares must ensure they stay close if enrolled in this university. This will help in easy commute in the most cost effective way. This academic institution is known for its architectural influence on other universities like The University of San Diego and Texas Tech University in Lubbock. It is a public university that has earned its name as being a Unesco World Heritage site and the longest European University ever since it was founded in the year 1293.  The University of Alcala, is the major landmark that the city is proud of and has two campuses, where the first is on the north side of Alcalá and the other one is the Central campus. The first campus includes the science departments and student housing that has its own RENFE station for commute and the second one houses most of the humanities and social-science departments, including a law school.

Public Transport

The extensive public transport system of Alcala-de-Henares has excellent transport links with Madrid and this feature has made it a commuter town for many. The city has the Cercanias railway with lines C2 and C7 that links Alcala-de-Henares with Madrid and ensures 35-minutes of journey. There are also the peak hours trains called CIVIS, for more of a direct journey that takes just 20-minutes of time. The route is linked by bus to Madrid, Guadalajara, and several other towns, and suburban villages. Apart from these, Alcalá-de-Henares also has the unique and one of the most intensive bus system in the city and is known as “Alcalá-Bus” that operates and runs buses to all the major neighborhoods and costs 1,30 euro per ride. Students who want to travel frequently from Madrid to Alcala especially to their universities, can get trains from RENFE station and also get concessions on travel by utilizing the monthly transportation card. Trains to Alcala ply every 10 mins and it takes roughly 30 mins to travel from Atocha station and an approximate of 35 minutes to the University of Alcala. Students will get a train every 30 minutes of time intervals.  

Independent Accommodation for Students 

Alcala-de-Henares offers best living options for students with student accommodations that are within close proximity to Atocha station in Madrid. Students also have the option of staying close to the town centre of Alcalá. The accommodations available are designed specifically for students catering to their daily needs and also keeping them close to locals utility shops, takeaway joints, hospitals and most importantly to their enrolled universities.  Those living in the heart of the city can also enjoy spending their leisure time exploring the beautiful town itself, or simply take a quick train into Madrid. 

Not just a city that offers comfortable purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), but a commuter’s town of the locals and students alike. Alcalá-de-Henares, therefore, is home to the world heritage site, The University of Alcala, the extensive transport along with an intensive network, and student accommodation that will keep homesickness of students at bay.

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