Congratulations on getting a new job as a restaurant waiter! We will provide you some tips from expert waiters, and these tips will help you to become a great server.

1. Wear Proper Comfy And Non Slip Shoes:

Serving on tables is tough on your feet. Servers need a pair of comfortable non slip shoes that fit correctly as well as offer durability, comfort, and non slip traction.

2. Get Ready To Perform Hard And Boring Work:

Be prepared to perform glassware linens, and silverware, napkins restocking, filling condiments, and additional activities that seem familiar, but still, they are essential for service. Do not leave for a cigarette, and instead of using a cell phone, concentrate on doing your work properly.

3. Greet Your Customer Respectfully And In a Friendly Manner:

You will gain a quick relationship and total control of the table with your warm greeting. Let them know about yourself, introduce yourself, and that is how you can connect to them. This type of friendly behavior will lead to a good tip.

4. Smile Naturally Without Looking Creepy:

You should look happy if you are working as a server. A smile really helps to deal with difficult customers.

5. Dealing With Difficult Customers:

Here is the fourth point plan for diffusing complaints. (1) Listen carefully without disrupting. (2) Provide your best option; then provide the 2nd solution. (3) Ask the complainers to give the review on the services that you provided to them.

6. Practice At Home:

Practice how to balance meals and beverage trays and to maneuver around people and tables at home just where it is less embarrassing.

7. Smart Serving:

Hold soups in your leading hand, and cold servings like salads and other things on your arm. To avoid burns, placed a towel or napkin below your arm while holding hotplate. Similarly, carry a napkin to use as a pot-holder while carrying hot plates.

8. Prioritize:

Any time, you will get ten really important things and at the same time, five or six dining tables depending on you for fantastic service. Learn how to handle these tasks in your mind and how to prioritize them. Manage all things correctly is an essential role in your job as a server.

9. How To Get Tip:

Suppose if a total bill is 24.95$, and you got a $30 bill from a customer for a $24.95 ticket, return some pennies, and five $1 bills for change. There are chances that you will probably get some tip from it.

10. Be Lovely To The Kitchen Staff:

Behave nicely to the kitchen staff. Say thanks, and praise them on the meals they cook. Also, be ready to collaborate with cooks whose mother language is not English. Doing so, and they will be more likely to behave you beautifully and nicely.

11. Be Prepare For Different Types Of Questions:

You should know every point of your menu, ingredients, culinary terms, cocktail, allergies, and other things about your restaurant menu. Always prepare for the questions like, “Which is your favorite dish?” “Would this dish fill me up??” “Can I eat this dish if I have allergies?”.

12. Check-in.

Consult your guests if you want to know that guests are happy, do they have questions or need something. If they’re busy in discussion and you don’t wish to interfere, let your guests know that you’re available for them by refilling water glasses or giving the table a slow pass.

13. Say, “Thanks! To Your Guests”:

Say thanks to your guests. Invite them for the next time. It’s an excellent technique to develop a base of regular guests.

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