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With the excessive use of technology, Social media is being used as a platform to present the natural beauty of all over the globe.  Travelling is not all about to take snapshots having adorable background sceneries. Travelling must be purposeful and it should have the qualities of inspiration, excitement and regeneration. A traveler knowledge must be increased in a positive way and he will be able to face challenges with humbleness after travelling. Travelling enables person to tell interesting stories about his travelling experiences, it also provides with wonderful memories with incomparable learnings and broaden this view beyond the limits. 

An article written by CV writing in Dubai articulated that following are the reasons behind the love of tourist for travelling. It provides an opportunity to explore the historical places, along with that it provides deep knowledge about its history. Having deep knowledge about the history usually helps people to stay connected with their roots. It also provides an opportunity of self-exploration and it is one of the best feeling all over the world. Adventures and challenges help people to know more about their selves.

Hectic routines and busy schedules create a stress on human’s mind. In this busy life, travelling is an effective way to revive human mind and body. Travelling fill the mind of traveler with calmness and freshness. Travelers feel relax because it provides a space for them from their daily workload and stress. A relax natural environment and pleasant weather helps a person to get rid of stress and creates a sense of rejuvenating in the mind of the traveler. It realizes the significance of being disconnected with the peer pressure of the society and daily hectic routine.

Through travelling, one can broader his perspective because having meet ups with people from different areas will help the people get to know the different views. Everyone has different lifestyle, beliefs and perspectives according to their own experiences. It will help people to have new and fresh ideas that they had never before. It provides people to think about new perspective and possibilities of life. It provides an opportunity to know about different cultures and broader up the view considering the different perspectives of people belongs to different areas.

Travelling is also a source of learning. It provides traveler with unique experience and help to learn new skills and knowledge. It is more beneficial to learn through travelling than taking the class of history, geography and sociology. Through visiting every place a person gets a unique experience and it can be attain by saturating himself completely in the beauty of that place. Traveler will be able to know about different languages culture, food and faiths. Knowledge through experiences is stronger than knowledge got from the textbooks in a typical environment. 

A person usually gets bore of his daily hectic routine and challenges. He wants to get new experiences and challenges in life. A trip provides an opportunity to do unique and exciting thing that have not done before. It generates a sense of thrill to visit a new place. Exploration of different territories and eating their food creates a buzz in the boring life. The experiences like Scuba diving, hiking are adventures that are source of fun and learning also. It gives a feel of completeness and an incredible experience full of memories. 

Travel provides with an opportunity to get a relief from the stress of job, pressure and unhappiness. Beautiful sceneries, pleasant weather and unique experiences remove all the negatives of human’s mind and fill it with freshness and calmness. It provides workaholic with great opportunity to leave their workplace for sometimes and go to a peaceful place for the betterment of their mental as well as physical health. It provides a business man with fresh and unique ideas. Travelling helps a person to distract from his tensions and fill him with peace.

When a person remains busy in his daily routine, he usually remain unaware of his uniqueness and hidden talents. People come to know about their different talents by maintaining distance from their comfort zone. People comes to know about their unique sides. It gives a strength and courage to try new things and face new challenges. It helps to bring out the soul of the person that he never knew before.  It provides a way to think and act in a unique and positive way. It fresh up the mind and the people and gives a new perspective of life. 

Traveling also generates a sense of thankfulness and modesty among the people. When people visited different people and know more about their lifestyle, standard of living and culture, it broaden up their perspective. The learn to be thankful for whatever they have in their lives like better standard of living, better facilities and lifestyle. Through traveling a person learns to be tolerant by living with people belongs to different cultures, learns to be flexible to adjust in every kind of circumstances and create humbleness towards the society.

People usually don’t travel only for the sake of entertainment. But they travel to get new experiences, adventures and to feel alive. Travelling has a great impact on a person’s personality and it helps to transform the personality of a person completely. It helps a person to know unique side of himself. It provides knowledge about different environment and awareness to take care of the environment. It provides knowledge to protect the planet to make him a happy and healthy place to live. It realizes the significance of environment and its protection to make it a peaceful place for human as well as wild life.

It provides an opportunity to spend quality time with family or friends. It provides with the best opportunity to strengthen the relationships. In a peaceful environment, it is love to be with family and enjoy each and every moment. 

By Anurag Rathod

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