10 Minutes of Yoga: For More Power, Work and Money


Are you the one often feel low at work or very inactive or getting irrelevant random thoughts? This is all because you begin your day with the same routine and without YOGA. Well, yoga is something out of the box and this actually gives us more power, energy and focus to do anything without any hassle.

If you are the one looking for more energy, confidence, and power to start your workday, ONLY 10 minutes of YOGA will balance your body and mind. Now, you don’t need to worry about spending on any kind of workout gear or joining any classes, just by having a yoga mat, you can attain great benefits right from your home. All you just need to be serious for your yoga routine and only 10 minutes will do a great miracle.

No matter if you are not a morning person, but by sparing 10 minutes for a yoga session at home can help you with your work and health. So, if you are finding lots of energy, just get out of bed and with the 10-minute yoga session, you’ll feel more energized, even a long day of work won’t give you any pain at all. 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation. So, here are some great poses, which you definitely try and get the ultimate level of energy won’t give you any kind of pain and body issues as follows-

Child Pose

This is very easy and one will have great fun doing the very same pose. To do so, one must kneel down and spread your knees and big toes to touch. Now, bend forward with your hands and your forehead must rest gently on the ground. Your belly must rest on your thighs and go with deep and steady inhales and exhales and just focus on what you are doing.

Boat Pose

This is the pose which is ultimate in order to maximize the effect by holding the boat position for roughly 10 minutes at a time. Within the first minute or two, you may feel an intense burn in your abdomen or you may feel like to leave everything, but when we talk about its positive effects, it will help in improving balance and digestion, and you will feel better in the morning.

Cat Pose

Again it is easy and offers amazing and positive effects. This is the pose, which is the best for the women as it is designed to help them to deal with menstrual cramps and relieve lower back pain. Doing this pose for 10 minutes will help you the most of your upper body muscles and make your hips and abdomen very healthy and in shape.

Low Cobra

Are you frustrated due to your belly fat? Well, this is the right pose for you will help you to remove all fat easily. The low cobra helps in better blood circulation by relaxing A-Z muscle in your body, and at the same time, it helps your organs absorb nutrients more effectively. For this pose, you better lie on the floor by facing the floor and your front part of the body must touch to the floor, but make sure to keep your neck and head as straight as possible while doing the low cobra to get the best effects.

Sweeping Forward Bend

This pose is the best for back, arms and legs, and this must be done by all. You better stand straight with your legs together and your arms down at your sides, palms facing forward. Now, bend forward from the hips or if you are finding it discomfort, you can bend your knees too and push your tailbone back, while you sweep your hands back out to the sides and down to the ground. This pose is the best for amazing posture and will wake up your hamstrings and soothe your mind. So, must try these amazing poses in the morning and check back its ultimate effects. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher and start your own yoga studio then you can check out the top yoga ttc courses at YogTravel​.

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