10 Best Things To Do In Mahabaleshwar


Mahabaleshwar is one of the most highly visited vacation spots and hill stations of Maharashtra. Tourists from cities like Pune and Mumbai visit Mahabaleshwar when they want a break from their hectic life. They book Mahabaleshwar tour packages as they are affordable and make their journey worry less.

As Mahabaleshwar is so popular among tourists, let’s know about the things to do in Mahabaleshwar that grabs the crowd to this beautiful hill station every year.

Must-visit places to visit in Mahabaleshwar include Chinaman Waterfall Mapro Garden, Venna Lake, Monkey Point, Falkland Point, Panchganga Temple, Carnac Point, Wilson Point, Dhobi Waterfall, and Babington Point.

Things to do in Mahabaleshwar:

Wax Museum:

This wonderful museum is for a Bollywood buff.you will love the museum, as they have wax statues of pop icons, celebrities as well as top world leaders. a visit to this museum surely worth the trip. You can take photographs with your favorite celebrity wax figure.

Visit temples:

Travelers who love touring should first visit the stunning temple complex in Mahabaleshwar. This beautiful complex has stunning 4 temples, all made in stone along with Indian architecture.

These temples are situated next to each other so that travelers need not get tired overreaching long distances.begin your exploration with Mahabaleshwar temple because it is the biggest and very well-known temple as compared to other 4 temples. After that, visit the Panch Ganga Temple, Krishnabai temple, and so on.

Strawberry Picking

Give your tastebuds a delicious experience by visiting Mahabaleshwar’s strawberry farm. there you can come to know about the process of strawberry cultivation and how other types of strawberries and berries are planted.

Visit the tasting center, there you can also get sample berries to taste. If you want to buy some for your family, you can get it from nearby strawberry shops.

Mapro Garden

After visiting the strawberry farm, you can now visit Mapro garden for an amazing experience. there you can shop for juices, types of berries, jams and so on. This garden is a blend of fun, relaxation, and tasty food.

If you are a selfie lover, then the pace has so many selfie points. Click the best selfie for your Instagram profile in Mapro garden. There are tons of places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, but Mapro garden is among the must-visit places.

Local Food:

On your trip to Mahabaleshwar, do not miss out on the Local food of this city. The place has so many dhabas offering mouth-watering food at very reasonable prices.try from vegetarian dishes to a type of delicious non-vegetarian dishes, Mahabaleshwar got the best taste in food.

Must-try food items to try in Mahabaleshwar are vada pavs, thalis, butter chicken curry, and chocolate and strawberry milkshakes. The foods are very reasonable in Mahabaleshwar.

Boat Ride:

If you love boat rides, then visit Vienna lake. its the most popular attraction in Mahabaleshwar among local tourists. If you love nature, then you will find this place covered with greenery, and delicious street foods.


Hiking is one of the most adventurous things you can do in Mahabaleshwar at Arthur’s seat. The place is also known as a Suicide point. It provides the most thrilling and alluring view of the green valleys of Savitri and The Brahma river. You can go for a trek in the early morning. As you finish your trek, you will be able to witness a beautiful sunrise. 

Lingmala Falls:

If you want to view the Chinaman’s and Dhobi waterfalls, then visit Lingmala Falls. if you are on a trip with your close friends or family members then this place would be an ideal place for soothing, to witness nature real beauty with endless photography opportunities.

Sydney Point

Are you bored with traveling to the old same places? Pack your backpacks and visit this lovely place in Panchgani. this place will give you a soothing experience. Sydney Point is a place to have beautiful sightseeing. 

This surreal place provides you the scenic view of the Kamalgad Fort, Krishna Valley. reaching this point, you will be able to see the stunning views of the hills of Mandhardeo and Pandavagd.

Pratapgarh Fort

If you want to go hiking in Mahabaleshwar, then you should visit Pratapgarh Fort. this fort is another crowd-puller place to visit in Mahabaleshwar. 

This place located around 22 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar. The thing that draws travelers here is its calm atmosphere and serene views. 

Mahabaleshwar is a pleasant and picturesque hill-station, which is highly popular among travelers from Pune or Mumbai. For travelers, It’s a scenic hill station, for the adventure lovers, nature lovers and for those who want to take a break and visit a soothing travel destination.  

Book suitable Mahabaleshwar tour packages to see Mahabaleshwar’s stunning beauty, fascinating attractions, and pleasant climate, the place has something for every type of traveler.

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