10 Best Apps for Video Editing for Beginners

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The need for video editing

Video editing has become a very necessary skill for people to have. It allows for better use of technology and attracts a lot more viewers than images or graphics. It is an important skill to possess for anyone in web app development services. The great thing about video editing is that it is extremely easy to learn. With the best apps for video editing, you can command the video the way you want to.

Unlike video editing software that is not intended for the use of the everyday user, applications for beginners can easily be used and have very easy to use interfaces.  You can find the best app for video editing from the options provided below. 

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If you are looking to find the perfect video editing app for yourself, continue reading to find the top ten applications.  When creating a video, you will be working with many images, music, and videos. These applications will help you create different styles and are perfect for the use of social media. It is proven that short videos tend to attract a lot more attention than images on social platforms, making it worthwhile to know how you can best edit videos. 

Ten best apps for video editing for beginners. 


This app is a little advanced, but even if you are a beginner, you will easily get the hang of it. Lightworks does not offer a mobile version of the application but is great for long videos to be shared on platforms such as YouTube. You can use the free version and upgrade once you are confident in the app. This is the best app for video editing for YouTube


Photo collages are extremely popular and are used by many people. Luckily video collages do exist and can be used in many different ways. This is an amazing app that can be used in many different ways by Instagram or Facebook users. It is available on both android and iOS and is absolutely free to download. 


An application that is available on the windows to be used by people who are wishing to expand their skills. The application doubles as an animation suite. 


With this software, you can combine different collages to create a collage or slideshow. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

One of the most popular best app for video editing is completely free for use. You can use Premiere on your mobile and edit your videos on the go. 


If you are looking for basic editing features with no other functions distracting you, Inshot is the app you should use. You can easily edit, speed up or trim videos with this app. 


Hyper lapse is a video editing software that is extremely popular and used by many Instagram users. The app is founded by Instagram and involves speeding up videos. The editing application speeds up your videos, but that is all that it does. 


This is the software rather than an application and does need to be downloaded. It is extremely popular as it offers both video and audio editing at the same time.


Wondershare is perfect for beginners looking for the best app for video editing. The application contains many transitions and effects that can be incorporated into your video. 


With a friendly interface, Magisto is the go-to app for beginners looking to start their video editing journey. The software belongs to Vimeo and provides step by step guide to creating amazing videos. 

These applications are not only used in daily households but are also used in many organizations such as the website valley for their effectiveness. It is not always necessary that you need additional complex tools for quality video editing. Sometimes the right eye and an application can provide you with the same results. 

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