Complete App Review Of Taxi providing Company: GoCatch

Gocatch app

Everybody known about uber, there is nothing too much about uber. Now, it is time for you know about its competitors all around the world that are coming up with brilliant ideas in their taxi business model. In those many, here we have one of the wells know taxi service providing company. The GoCatch was founded in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. The main motto of GoCatch to launch their business was to help the local people of Sydney to get rid of the taxi problems that are very annoying in Australia.

People, there are still very frustrated with the local taxi services in every city of Australia as the demand for commuting is high but the drivers are very less. This cause the local people to use their own vehicles for moving from one place to another. And the daily use of personal vehicle creates a congestion problem in many cities of Australia.

Gocatch App for a Taxi Business

GoCatch came out with an amazingly bright idea of ridesharing that was actually helpful for the native people. It’s a third party taxi booking app that requires the participation of drivers to provide services to the riders. It is somewhat similar to Uber but people their prefer this app more rather than using Uber. There is a major difference between the pricing of Uber and GoCatch. This app is way much cheaper and is reliable than uber. The GoCatch business model is split into two sections, one for the driver and the second one is for the rider.

The user cannot switch from one app to another, he or she can either rider or the driver at one time. This is somehow great for and better for the security. GoCatch app has a very intuitive design that does not panics either rider or the driver. Both can easily operate the GoCatch app without any problem. The riders can simply book their rides with just a few tapes on the screens.

GoCatch was the first one that came with an online payment system for the mobile users. All the passengers who don’t consider carrying cash were now able to pay the ride fare through their PayPal accounts. GoCatch allowed their customers to register their PayPal accounts to the app and pay through their app. The bill was sent to the registered mail addresses. Eventually, the technology developed and so as the payment systems too.

Riders just have to add their destination point, choose the ride and finally the payment option. If the payment is cash, then the rider will be paid directly to the driver when the trip ends. But, if the rider chooses an online payment option, he or she will have to pay at the time of booking the ride. Just have to add their bank credit card and can pay directly.

The GoCatch business has some pros and cons that are mentioned below:


The GoCatch app is way much easy to use. Not only the rider’s app but also the driver app too. The main factor is of the GoCatch app is its User Interface that offers an amazing User experience to its users. Users love its colorful designs that make very attractive.

With the integration of payment gateways, the payment is transaction is very much secured. Payment gateways are the medium to between the payee and the receiver that protects the payment as well as instantly make it reach to the receiver.

The best part of the business model of GoCatch is that it avoids the company system when a rider requires more than a taxi service. Even the company do not apply any surge price in any condition. In comparison with the other taxi service brands like Uber, the surge price makes the trip fare too much costly. But, the trip fare in GoCatch is very budget friendly.

The rider is allowed to choose whether the driver should call them or message them for any assistance. If the rider does not allow the driver to call him or her, the rider’s phone number is not displayed to the driver. This option makes the GoCatch app much safer than others.

It does not matter whether the demand of drivers is high, without any problem the rider can directly book their taxi through the app. Whether its day or night, the rider can book their ride anytime as well as from anywhere.


Being the hero of the native land, it has a very small community and that is not good for the business.

In GoCatch, the riders not allow to take a look at their previous rides. Actually, the app does not have any option to check ride history. The lack of this option makes it a less usable taxi service app and also makes it incomparable with Uber. Every rider wants to know their ride expenses at the end of the month but the omission of this options is actually very annoying.

Taxi business model like GoCatch

Well, this was the app review of one of the best taxi service providing company. The taxi business is on heat nowadays, people who are planning to start their own taxi business can earn a lot. All you need to know is the right place to begin your work.

Looking further for a taxi business model, connect to an app providing company and buy your own GoCatch clone app. An app like GoCatch will make business good enough for better expansion.

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